COVID-19: Leading with the reality of Christ, a piece from CCCNZ Ambassador Mark Grace. 

Early Church on COVID-19, is a blog post from Dan Tyler, pastor of Birkenhead Community Church, on the Early Church's profound response to plagues.  

7 Lessons from Singapore's churches for when the Coronavirus reaches yours,
is a helpful piece from Christianity Today which gives a snapshot into how Singaporean churches responded, as well as some insightful theological reflections. 

Love in the Time of Coronavirus is an excellent article from US Christian leader Andy Crouch. 

What Martin Luther teaches us about coronavirus
 reflects on a response to death and disease from Church History. 

Dear Christian, when the pandemic hits, this is our time. This piece, published on The Gospel Coalition, is a pastoral word to continue trusting in God. 

Neighbour love in the Era of COVID-19
is a piece from Kathryn Butler on how we can follow the command to 'Love your neighbour' as the COVID-19 pandemic changes our society.

Christianity has been handling epidemics from 2000 years, some more insight from the wealth of church history, reflecting on how the church has responded to plagues and pestilence. 

COVID-19 checklist for followers of Jesus, a practical and challenging list of steps for Christians to take in response 


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