Christian Community Churches of New Zealand is a movement of independent local churches, and the regional camps and national ministries that support them, working together to reach New Zealand for Jesus Christ.


Mark Grace

Mark Grace serves as Ambassador for CCCNZ. As Ambassador, Mark spends his time building the CCCNZ team and encouraging the wider movement to continue to have confidence in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Mark comes to the role from a background in Pastoral Ministry; 15 years in Student Ministry; strategic roles in the Mission, Aid and Development sector in New Zealand. Mark attends Feilding Bible Chapel with his wife Emma and their three children.
027 290 3600

Hours: Monday to Friday 8.30am - 5pm

Danielle Diprose

As CCCNZ National Administrator, Danielle focuses on providing genuine resources, services and support to our churches and support ministries. This includes building a library of up-to-date resources on Remuneration, Employment, Privacy, Child Protection, Charities Compliance, Financial Reporting and Health and Safety. Danielle comes from a chartered accountancy background and is experienced in serving churches, trusts and organisations within our movement.
027 354 4172

Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 7-3

Rob Morton

Rob Morton is our Training and Scholarship Coordinator. Rob has been involved in pastoral ministry for the last 10 years. He is passionate about training others for ministry and runs “Practical Bible Training” - church based training courses for everyday Christians and leaders. Rob is currently training and co-leading a church planting team in Hastings. Before studying for ministry, Rob worked in commercial radio. Rob is married to Adelle and they have four children.

027 758 7733

Hours: 3.5 days per week

Jackie Millar

Jackie is the Prayer Coordinator for CCCNZ. She has a passion for prayer and has been involved in various prayer ministries, in various church settings, for many years. In this role, Jackie oversees the prayer ministry of CCCNZ with two main objectives; developing and implementing a prayer strategy for the CCCNZ movement and secondly, to encourage and provide support to prayer intercessors in their local church context. Jackie and her husband Ken fellowship at Raleigh Street Christian Centre with their two daughters and foster children.
021 044 0245

Hours: 2 days per week

Julie McKinnon

Julie McKinnon is the Children and Family Ministries Enabler for CCCNZ. She is passionate about kids and growing their faith in Jesus. Recognising the key role parents play in this, Julie is committed to encourage those relationships and to partner with and support local churches to see their Children and Family Ministries grow and flourish. Julie is married to Jason, they have four daughters and are based in Hamilton where they attend Hillcrest Chapel.

021 158 3668

Hours: Tues, Wed, Thurs 8-4.30

Sharron Taunton

Sharron serves CCCNZ as Mark Grace's PA. Sharron comes from a background in medical administration, with experience in events and project administration. Sharron is married to Leiden and they have two teenaged children and a young adult, and are based in Palmerston North where they attend Life Church.

027 257 1931

Hours: Monday to Thursday 9am - 5pm

Hannah Munro

Hannah Munro is our Events and Promotions Manager. Hannah has a varied background working in radio broadcasting and youth work, and has a passion for learning with qualifications in radio, Christian ministry/leadership and psychology. She is passionate about logistics, problem solving and serving the church community in New Zealand. As part of her role she will be running and organising events, marketing, social media, and working with fellow staff members with their ministry events.

027 298 7880

Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs 9-5

Sophia Sinclair

Sophia Sinclair is the CCCNZ Communications Manager. She is responsible for making the publications, website and printed material look and sound great. Sophia's background is in journalism, English literature and theatre, with a special focus working with Christian non-profits. Sophia and her husband Andrew recently returned to New Zealand for gospel ministry after spending three years studying theology in Sydney.
020 4125 8385

Hours: 19 hours per week

Murray Brown

Murray is a Youth Enabler with CCCNZ. He has over 35 years experience in youth ministry, including serving as a youth pastor, denominational leadership (national and regional) and 12 years lecturing in youth ministry at Carey Baptist College. He has taught widely both in NZ and overseas, and has acted as a youth ministry consultant for churches and has been a supervisor/mentor to many youth pastors.

Read more about how Murray can support your youth ministry

027 841 5321

Hours: Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri 9-5

Lui Ponifasio

Lui is the Auckland Mission Enabler. Lui is also Senior Pastor of LifeChurch in Manurewa, the chair of Christian Community Churches International and was a founding board member of CCCNZ. Lui is married to Ane and they have four children. Together, Lui and Ane have been involved in leading and developing churches in New Zealand, the Pacific and further afield. Lui brings a wealth of experience in ministering cross-culturally, pastoring diverse congregations, church planting and evangelistic preaching and teaching. Lui will be working part-time with our team to help build and mobilise a team in the Auckland region, using his gifts to inspire and communicate across a diverse group of churches.

Hours: 1 day per week

Kerry Rickard

Kerry is Discipleship Pastor at Kingston Community Church where he serves with his wife, Aliza, and their family. In a previous season of life he was involved in primary education as a teacher and then principal. Kerry has a deep passion to see strong and gifted people released into leadership roles within our churches as they are equipped and discipled by spiritual shepherds. Kerry has been released one day a week to invest in the development of the PastorLink National Leadership Team and its implementation of the vision of sustaining ministry. 
022 439 2507

Hours: 2 days per week


Regional enablers are elders and pastors who commit 2-6 hours a week to be regularly drawing elders and leaders together from across a specific region.

As pastors and elders from the regions meet together, eat together and pray together, we hope that relationships will deepen and mutual support will increase. It's our hope that out of deepening relationships, joint initiatives and projects will develop to further the growth of the gospel. CCCNZ Regional Enablers seek to support and serve these.

Lawson Scott

Lawson Scott is the Regional Enabler for the Canterbury Region. Lawson is married to Lee-Ann and they have four adult children. He is the Chairperson of the Elders at Rutland Street Church in Christchurch. He has a passion to see Rutland Street Church be a welcoming community for those that are seeking God and being a fellowship that encourages discipleship with strong conviction. Outside of responsibilities in the life of the church, Lawson is involved in corporate banking.
029 630 0980

Andrew Clemow

Andrew is married to Megan and is the Regional Enabler for the Whangarei and Northland Regions. After sensing a call to Pastoral Ministry, Andrew concluded his work in the legal profession and trained at Carey College. He is now the Pastor at Clark Road in Whangarei.

027 281 3514

Nick Goodwin

Nick Goodwin is the Regional Enabler for Waikato. Nick is an Associate Pastor at Raleigh Street Christian Centre in Cambridge, and also serves with Tertiary Students Christian Fellowship at the University of Waikato.

027 417 8205

CCCNZ-APA Auckland

CCCNZ has partnered with the Auckland Partnership of Assemblies (APA), a voluntary association of Christian Brethren and Associated Church leaders serving the greater Auckland region. Their mission is to foster opportunities for evangelism, growth and development by encouraging, partnering, and equipping; and to network, communicate, and share resources (people, skills, information, facilities and finance) to facilitate this.


CCCNZ is accountable to its Linked-In churches and support ministries through the trust board.

The board is made up of six representatives from local churches and up to five from support ministries. The Board can appoint one independent member.

All trustee elections and appointments are for three years, with re-election or re-appointment allowed, but there is a term limit of 3 consecutive terms.

The CCCNZ Board acts to serve Linked-In churches in making policy, initiating projects, and fulfilling CCCNZ's legal responsibilities, as detailed in the trust deed. The board is also responsible for employing staff to help serve these churches and fulfill CCCNZ's vision.

Gordon Fountain (Chair)

Gordon is married to Joy, together they have three young adult children, and attend Eden Community Church in Auckland. Gordon is a Chartered Accountant, former chair of Pathways College, a director of Trinity Lands Limited, and member of Lichfield Lands Inc. Since his earliest times of involvement with service ministries, Gordon has been keen to see a resource centre established, so that our churches and ministries flourish, developing good systems and support structures, as our God brings growth. Gordon is chair of the CCCNZ Trust Board.

Shannon Samuels

Shannon is passionate about building capacity and better engagement through the power and principles of the gospel--starting within the youth and their families within Tāmaki Makaurau (Auckland). She is currently employed part time at Tāmaki Community Church, and also actively involved within this missional church, the local school and the greater community. She's also involved with the annual life-changing youth camp event, HM Rage at Totara Springs in Matamata. Shannon is married to Anthony, and together they have four world-changing sons. “But by the grace of God, I am what I am, and his grace to me was not without effect...” 1 Corinthians 15:10

Bruce Stormer

Bruce lives in Whitby, Wellington. He and his wife Ruth attend The Anchor Church, where Bruce is an Elder. Bruce is a Chartered Accountant and has had a long interest in missions. His passion for mission was encouraged by his parents, and Bruce now seeks to do the same for his children and for his local church. He has taken his eldest child to Brazil to visit mission partners and wants to do the same for the rest of his children.

Ane Ponifasio

Ane Ponifasio is second generation in our movement, her parents Pastors Ene and Lilia Sagala were part of pioneering and establishing the Samoan Brethren Churches across Samoa, New Zealand and Australia.

Ane is mum to four children, married to Lui for 25 years, and sharing the roles of senior pastors of LifeChurch Manurewa for 16 years. Ane is also self-employed as Managing Director of Samoa Multimedia Group Ltd in Auckland for 20 years (SMG operates Radio Samoa, Samoa Times Newspaper and MoanaTV; reaching and connecting Samoan communities globally).

Rick Iles

Rick Iles was commissioned into mission work in 1990 where he continues to serve the global church through a NPO which trains business leaders through consulting and coaching opportunities. Rick is
based in New Zealand and is involved at Tāmaki Community Church.

Richard Goodwin

Richard Goodwin is Academic Director of Teaching & Learning at Pathways College, where he started teaching in 2014. He is currently also Adjunct Assistant Professor of Theology and Culture at Fuller Theological Seminary in Los Angeles. He earned a PhD in Theology (Otago) and an MA in Theology (Fuller). Prior to theological study, Richard served as a youth pastor for seven years at Raleigh Street Christian Centre in Cambridge, where he continues to attend with his family.

Debbie Bosse

Debbie Bosse has been employed at Northcross Community Church since 2004, previously teaching for 22 years. As the current Director of Church Ministries, Debbie serves those she leads, coaches, grows and works alongside.

Graham Fletcher

Graham lives in Invercargill with his wife Diane Fletcher.Graham is a retired, but active Chartered Accountant and Diane is a retired secondary school assistant principal. They have a family of four adult children, and eight grandchildren. Graham and Diane have attended Rosedale Bible Chapel for the past 28 years, and Graham serves as one of the elders. Graham has been involved with Global Connections as a past board member and chair. He and Diane volunteer with Christian Books Melanesia (Papua New Guinea). Graham enjoys using his gifts in serving, assisting, hospitality and encouragement.

Stuart Bay

Stuart Bay is a Waikato dairy farmer and has had nearly 40 years extensive governance experience to chairmanship level in agricultural co-operatives, including international involvement. He also serves on several Christian charitable trusts whose purpose is to help fund people who study or serve in many churches and organisations to make the gospel known.

His passion is to see the great commission of Jesus Christ being fulfilled in many diverse and contemporary ways.

Stuart is an elder at Manawaru Bible Chapel, and his wife Beth also has had a long service role in church and para-church leadership. 

Murray Frost

Murray Frost is currently an Elder at Rutland Street Christchurch, Trustee and former Chair of Lakeland Park Christian camp in Queenstown and a Local representative for Stewards in the Canterbury area.

Murray has extensive leadership, pastoral and eldership experience within the Open Brethren Heritage movement in Auckland, Invercargill and Canterbury.

As a professional engineer Murray has held many management positions, including a range of regional and national roles. At the same time he has been a Director on over 20 Companies and currently is on two Boards. He is a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Directors.

Murray is married to Christine and has two married children.


We believe, affirm and teach:


God is. He exists as One God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He is almighty, and has need of nothing. He is eternal and He is Love.


God, who is Spirit, has chosen to create space and time and matter, and all that exists. He has planned this in His wisdom, and created all things by His power. He has life in Himself, and all life has its source in Him. He continues to be Lord and active sustainer of this world and all that He has made.


The crown of God's creation is humanity, whom He has made in His image to reflect His glory. He made Adam and Eve male and female, and breathed into them the spirit of life so that they became living souls capable of enjoying a personal relationship with him. He established the relationship of man and woman in marriage as a covenant.
He also gave them the power of choice which, tragically, they used to disobey Him, and in so doing passed on their fallen nature to all humanity.


Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God, came to earth to be the Saviour of the world. He is the complete revelation of God in human form (John 1:18). He was conceived of the Holy Spirit and born of the virgin Mary, fully God and fully human. He lived among us on this earth, fulfilling the will of God, speaking the words of God, and doing the works of God.


He was crucified – an act of sinful men – but his death was also his own act of obedience to God by which he offered himself as a sacrifice for our sins and for the sins of the whole world. He was raised to life again by the power of God, on the third day, left the tomb and, after showing himself alive to his disciples, ascended to heaven, whereby God has bestowed on him a name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.


God planned, before the world was created, that there should be a way of salvation for sinful people. We are accountable for our choices, but we are totally unable to achieve peace with God by our own efforts. God has acted in grace, and chosen to call men and women into His family and kingdom. At the same time, He invites all people to respond to Him by faith in Jesus Christ. Redemption from the guilt, penalty, dominion and pollution of sin, is solely through the sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God, as our representative and substitute...


As we receive salvation, we are justified, forgiven, born of God, and have the gift of eternal life. By the Spirit of God, we begin to be changed to live according to God's design, and to become like Christ. Our growing likeness to Jesus Christ is evidence of our coming into relationship with God. God's greatest requirement of us is that we love Him with all of our heart, and that we love our neighbours as ourselves.


At the time that anyone receives the gift of salvation, the Holy Spirit comes to dwell within them. It is by the Spirit of God that we are born again. The Holy Spirit is eternal and divine. He reveals Jesus Christ, God's Son to us. He teaches the truth, and communicates the life and power of God to us.


The Holy Spirit has inspired the Scriptures (the Old and New Testaments). The Scriptures are God's Word. They are sufficient for our guidance and are our final authority in all matters of faith and conduct. Scripture is true and fully reliable. We do not judge Scripture – rather, we stand under its judgement, and seek in humility to understand it by the Holy Spirit's aid, and then obey.


All who have received salvation become members of Christ's church. They are his disciples. To them is given the task and privilege of being his ambassadors to represent their master to the world, and to proclaim the good news of reconciliation to God through Jesus Christ, God's Son, and his sacrifice.
The Church functions as a body. God, by his Spirit, gives gifts which equip every member to contribute to the church's ministry, and, for the church to be healthy, every member must be playing his or her part. All believers are priests, with access to God in prayer and worship solely on the ground of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, God's Son. The typical pattern of church government, presented by the New Testament, is that of oversight by a group of elders. This provides the pattern for church leadership in our own day. The Lord Jesus Christ has asked his disciples to remember him regularly in the celebration of the Lord's Supper (or Communion). This is a focus of the shared spiritual life of the Church, and expresses the unity of believers in Jesus Christ. Baptism by immersion in water is a symbolic act in which believers publicly declare their commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Evil is real. Satan, the enemy of God, is active in this world. There is a hell, as well as a heaven. But Satan, sin and death have been overcome by Jesus Christ, God's Son in his death and resurrection.


The salvation which God has planned for His people, is not yet complete. The Lord Jesus Christ will soon return to this world as King of kings. Evil is yet to be finally put down in a process of judgement and, in this process, God's people are vindicated. God's promises to His covenant people will be fulfilled in a way that demonstrates God's faithfulness. God's wise justice will be vindicated and His people's salvation perfected. The dead will be raised – those who have been born of God to eternal joy, and the unrepentant to eternal sorrow. Creation will be renewed, and there will be a new heaven and a new earth. All creatures will sing God's praise.
Adapted and used with permission from Pathways College of Bible and Mission, Academic Prospectus 2014

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