The CHILDREN & FAMILIES TRACK is a chance for you to connect with like-minded CFM leaders from around the country who understand the demands, challenges and joys of ministry.  There will be opportunities to share ideas, learn from and encourage each other. Come prepared to be inspired, to share, to learn and be challenged. 

COVID-19: Due to the likelihood of long-term restrictions on gatherings post-lockdown, we have chosen to cancel all of our face-to-face events for 2020. While this is a decision not taken lightly, we are pursuing alternative options for our events such as; altering them to an online format or postponement. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact Events Manager Hannah Munro | | 027 298 7880 


Children & Families Facilitator

Julie McKinnon is the Children and Family Ministries Enabler for CCCNZ. She is passionate about kids and growing their faith in Jesus. Recognising the key role parents play in this, Julie is committed to encourage those relationships and to partner with and support local churches to see their Children and Family Ministries grow and flourish. Julie is married to Jason, they have four daughters and are based in Hamilton where they attend Hillcrest Chapel.


Session 1: “Volunteers”
Volunteers are awesome.  They are essential.  We can’t do ministry without them.  They need a leader who will invest in them and help them grow, someone to value their contribution to the team and encourage them.  But there are struggles with volunteers too – recruitment, commitment, and those who are ‘set in their ways’….  In this session we will talk all things ‘volunteer’ and figure out some small steps we can take to invest in and grow our wonderful volunteers.

Session 2: “Family Ministry”
When it comes to faith formation, what happens in the home is far more influential than what happens at church.  How do we partner with and equip families to be the primary nurturers of their children’s faith? How do we as the Church wholeheartedly encourage parents to embrace the plan that God has for them in parenting their children in their faith journey?  How do we foster a culture of family discipleship?  Small steps in this area can have a huge impact for the future of the Church.

Session 3: “Intergenerational Faith Formation”
Ivy Beckworth says “A church program can’t spiritually form a child, but a family living in an intergenerational community of faith can.”  What is intergenerational faith formation?  Why is it important? And how do we do it in today’s environment?  This is a huge topic.  Let’s take some small steps towards exploring it together.  Let’s spend some time wondering what intergenerational faith formation might look like in our context.

Session 4: “Community”
We all know how important it is for the children and families in our communities to hear the good news of Jesus.  We want to be churches who are community facing.  We do holiday programmes, after school programmes, Rally, Mainly Music, camps, kid's clubs, Launchpad, light parties, Christmas events… the list goes on.   Let’s talk community ministry for children and families.   How do we build long lasting, life changing relationships with children and families in our communities?   How do we stay connected with those who come to our events?  How do we balance social needs with spiritual needs? Big questions for discussion, small steps towards change.

All Together Session #1
Zechariah 4: The Day of Small Things

All Together Session #2
Mustard Seed: The Power of the Gospel

Small Groups
A time to connect with others and share your experiences.


18 - 20 May 2020


Willow Park Christian Camp

1 Hostel Access Road

Eastern Beach

Auckland 2012, NZ



includes all meals and accomodation


Registrations close 6 May


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