We serve, equip, train, resource, encourage and support those who minister with children and families in the CCCNZ movement. We want to see Children and Family Ministries thrive and grow and be places where children encounter God and are welcomed as valued members of intergenerational faith communities.

“Let each generation tell its children what glorious things he does.”
Psalm 145:4

Meet Children and Families Ministry Enabler Julie McKinnon:

CCCNZ Children and Families, CCCNZ Youth, and NZ Rally agree that the following convictions should shape our conversations and strategies, and help us work together effectively:


We believe that all ministry has as its core the desire to grow lifelong disciples of Jesus Christ.


We believe that ministry to children and young people includes resourcing and supporting the entire family.

Leadership Development

We believe that all children and young people have the capacity to provide leadership and need encouragement and opportunities to do so.


We believe that ministry to children and young people needs to have an outward component, serving the community and reaching people with the good news of Jesus.


We believe that children and young people are an integral part of the wider church where they are known, valued and involved.


More about Julie

Julie McKinnon is the Children and Family Ministries Enabler for CCCNZ. She is passionate about kids and growing their faith in Jesus. Recognising the key role parents play in this Julie is committed to encourage those relationships and to partner with and support local churches to see their Children and Family Ministries grow and flourish. Julie is married to Jason, they have four daughters and are based in Hamilton where they attend Hillcrest Chapel.

Get in touch with Julie to find out how CCCNZ can support Children and Family Ministries in your church.
021 158 3668


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