Coaching Gospel-Focused Leaders

CCCNZ Coaching offers New Zealand pastors, elders and developing leaders the opportunity to accelerate their growth through connections with coaches, advisors and peer-mentors from across our movement. 

Our network of coaches are trained to provide regular encouragement and support, leadership development and reflection, accountability for growth, and to continually point our leaders to the resurrected King Jesus, through the Word and Spirit.

CCCNZ Coaching is a free service for pastors, elders and developing leaders from a Linked-In church. To learn more about how coaching can help your ministry development, please contact us below.

"Coaching has helped us to be more intentional and Biblically focused."

"I've found it beneficial to have someone asking me asking me the right questions about my leadership."

Jeremy Suisted is the Coaching Coordinator for CCCNZ. In this role, Jeremy invests in coaches who share our passion for the gospel of Jesus and matches them with churches to train leaders and share their valuable experience and skills.

Jeremy has a background in Christian leadership and innovation coaching. He has worked as a Pastoral Leader amongst youth and young adults with a large team of leaders. He has also worked with Fisher & Paykel, Ballance, Auckland City Council and others to coach their leaders and develop strategies.

He has been an active preacher for 15 years, and continues to be active in discipling and serving at Raleigh Street Christian Centre, along with his wife Lydia.
027 308 8507


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