Helping churches to plant new churches, through the assessing, resourcing and coaching of church planters.

CCCNZ is a church planting movement. It is in our DNA. In 1881 there were 12 churches among us. Over the next 90 years more than 230 churches were planted - that’s an average of almost three a year! In this generation we want to be planting churches who will themselves plant churches across every part of New Zealand. 

To see this happen we recruit, assess, assist, resource, coach and train church planters and churches. 


Your church may be thinking of church planting. This can take as many forms as there are communities in New Zealand. 

For some churches they want to plant a new service or congregation, or a new location. For other churches they want to plant a church out of a mercy ministry, a community garden or food kitchen. Some churches want to plant a movement of multiplying house churches. Other churches want to assist in the replenishing of a nearby local church by sending a church planter and team into it.

We are keen to serve, support and assist.


We are actively looking to recruit suitable church planters and churches from across New Zealand and around the world for this effort!


Planting a church is a unique challenge. We want to support local churches to recruit and resource and send out church planters. We have a rigorous process of assessment that involves a mix of reports, in person and online interviews, coffee and engagement with church Elders and referees.


Financially: We want to assist our church planters who have been assessed to apply for three years of funding for themselves.

We want to assist church planters who have been assessed to apply for funding for the churches they are planting.

Facilities: We want to work with our movement's property trust to identify potential buildings that can be used by church planters.

Paper Work: Our National Administrator will be developing a legal, health and safety, financial reporting system designed uniquely for church planters.


Church Planting is a unique challenge. Coaching provides you supportive and strategic, pastoral and purposeful, intentional and independent wisdom and input. Coaching takes place in a number of formats, regular face-to-face meetings, regular Skype calls and regular coaching clusters with other planters in your region.


We respect the special challenge of planting a church. Our Church Planting Enabler is seeking to develop training experiences, which are practical, useful and formational.


We run events which are specifically geared towards people interested in church planting. Join us at a Church Planting Forum and join a community of others from around New Zealand who are at different stages of the church planting process. 

Hear from churches, elders, leaders, potential planters and supporters, and pray together about where God is leading and how we can be a part of it together. 

Find out more about a Church Planting Forum here

Do we really need new churches?

  1. For the size of our population there are fewer churches now than there were 20 years ago, and 20 years ago there were fewer churches than 20 years previous.
  2. It is not only important that churches exist, but that they exist in key places. Across New Zealand new suburbs, towns and cities are currently being planned - will they have churches in them?
  3. Despite the current number of churches in NZ 90% of the population do not attend them.
  4. The painful reality is many current churches are not suitable vehicles for evangelising to New Zealand society.

How effective is church planting in New Zealand and Australia?

A Leading missiologist famously claimed “Planting new churches is the most effective evangelistic methodology known under heaven.” Studies around the world and in Australia show this claim to be true.


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