Movement of the Word (Nelson)

Movement of the Word Nelson is primarily designed for pastors, elders, and leaders, and their 'Timothys' – those who they discipling and mentoring. The goal is for this group to be equipped and trained together over a period of four years so that they can, in turn, reach and equip another generation of leaders. This group has a strong pastoral focus, where the truths they are discovering from studying God’s Word are applied in the ministry context. 

  • 10 - 12 June (9am-5pm)

Movement of the Word (Cambridge)

Movement of the Word Cambridge is an event for both men and women who want to grow in their ability to handle the word of God to help in their local church context transform the people of God. The intention is for this group to be equipped and trained together over a period of four years so that they can, in turn, reach and equip another generation of leaders. This group is likely to contain a mix of those who are in paid and unpaid ministry and at diverse levels of leadership within their local church.

  • 13 June (1pm start) -- 15 June (late afternoon finish).

What is Movement of the Word?

The CCCNZ Movement of the Word invites leaders to come together twice a year for three days at a time, over four years.

Each event is focused on digging into a biblical book together and discovering the heart of God at the heart of the book, and applying that to our own hearts through the work of the Spirit. You’ll dig deeply and richly into the text together, you’ll apply simple and significant hermeneutical and exegetical principles together, and then in small group conversation you’ll unpack the implications of the text for yourself and your ministry of the Word. 

The second focus of each event is assisting leaders to be intentionally discipling younger leaders with and through the Word. These events assist you to identify younger leaders, these could be ministry leaders, potential preachers and elders, younger leaders in public and marketplace leadership. These events will help you practically to meet with them and grow them in and through the Word by the Spirit.
Over the next four years you’ll grow on an incredible adventure of growing, in your love for God through his word by his Spirit and growing others around you.

Peter Somervell

Peter Somervell

Why Movement of the Word excites me:

Ministry – true ministry, occurs by way of a transformation of the heart and the head by the Word of God. The Word, empowered by the Spirit, birthed the Church in the book of Acts and the Word grows the Church. Imagine a whole movement of gospel-shaped, Christ-centred, Word-based men and women who, through the equipping of gifted leaders, have the confidence to invest into the lives of others, training and equipping them to teach the Word of God.

That’s our vision for the future.

What is the four-year impact on participants and churches?

Movement of the Word encourages and facilitates a four-year cycle where groups journey together to encourage one another in preaching, teaching and training others.

At the end of four years it is common for senior preaching pastors and elders to be radically renewed and refreshed in their own preaching and leadership. The Spirit works through the Word in the friendships, fellowship and community that forms. Over four years this is incredibly sweet, special and significant.

Participants and their congregations notice tangible improvements in their preaching. The quality of preparation and delivery improve significantly.

Lastly there's the joy of seeing 15-20 younger people whom they've identified and grown over that time into teachers and preachers, young leaders who have matured significantly and who are now teaching and discipling others around the Word.

How did Movement of the Word get started in NZ?

In July 2016, Pastors Daryl Bay, Jeff Falconer, Daryl Ward, Andrew Clemow, Paul Milson, Jeremy Lind, Jamie Pearce, Bruce Stormer and Peter Somervell met with Todd Kelly, the International Director of Leadership Resources. From that meeting they gained a clear sense that Leadership Resources should be invited to facilitate the Movement Of The Word in New Zealand.

During Aug/Sept 2017 Todd conducted a number of “Taster Events” in various locations to give pastors, elders and key ministry leaders a ‘taste’ of what this could look like, introducing the ‘Dig and Discover’ hermeneutical principles and putting it to practice from a book in the Bible.

Now, in 2019, Todd Kelly is returning for further training with those who have identified a willingness to be part of the movement.

What others are saying:

"In July 2016 I--along with a number of Kiwi pastors--had the pleasure of meeting Todd Kelly from Leadership Resources. For the Leadership Resources team, life comes through the living Word of God. I was so impressed by their simple, operating conviction that the Spirit of God uses the Word of God to transform the people of God. Our church really desires to become more effective in disciple-making. We are excited to be part of this great initiative."

Daryl Bay, Teaching Pastor, Hope Community Church, Nelson

"It was good to get an overview of the Leadership Resources 'Movement of the Word'. To gather a bunch of Pastors and Elders to actually study and discuss the Word together sounds so obvious and simple and yet, in my limited experience, it seems to hardly ever happen. This is 2 Timothy 2:2 being taken seriously and could give Pastors and Elders like me the impetus and accountability we need to give to discipling and training younger leaders (in the Word) the 'rubber meets the road' priority that it should have."

Andrew Clemow, Pastor, Clark Rd Chapel, Whangarei

Why Movement of the Word?

CCCNZ is committed to assisting churches to grow, multiply and send everyday disciples, leaders and churches into every part of New Zealand. We believe at the heart of this growing, multiplying and sending, needs to be men and women whose discipleship and leadership development has a Word-centred, Spirit-empowered, inter-generational, and multi-generational focus.

While we believe the growth of the gospel in New Zealand will involve a lot more than this, we don’t see it involving a lot less!

CCCNZ has a heart: 

  • For Elders, Pastors, Leaders and teachers to be warm, godly, clear and joyous expositors of the Scriptures with the ability to grow a new generation of Word centred, Spirit empowered ministry leaders.
  • For Preaching and Teaching leaders to be spending a proportion of their time intentionally growing potential leaders into leadership with and through the Scriptures.
  • For leaders to be assisting these new leaders to be multiplying disciples with and through the Bible.

For over 40 years in 40 countries Leadership Resources has been helping leaders to do these things. Around the world they have helped men and women grow generations of leaders who disciple people into Word-centred leadership ministry and mission.


To know more about Leadership resources, simply go to their website:


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