We're excited and privileged to be caught up in what our great God is doing across the movement. We're keen to gather people together to start setting a trajectory of healthy churches across the movement multiplying. 

At our Church Planting Forums we will be joined by pastors, elders, leaders, and planters who are all at different stages of working through what church planting could look like for them. Here is a snapshot from the first Church Planting Forum in 2018.


  • We will hear some of the stories of how church planting has served to advance the gospel among CCCNZ churches, and give thanks to our great God for this.
  • We will share where we are currently at in our church planting journey, pray for and encourage one another.
  • We will look at, discuss, and develop a pathway, which will serve us in our journey towards seeing new works start or struggling works re-booted with the gospel driving them.

So... why run a forum?

We've been chatting with people all over our nation who are praying, thinking and talking about growing the gospel across Aotearoa, through church planting. As we have reflected on those conversations, we have felt a forum would be a valuable way to serve you in pioneering new works, and starting to shape a pathway for future planting endeavours.

Under God, our desire is for an intentionally evangelistic approach to starting new churches, congregations, and re-invigorations to take hold of our movement. We would love you to be a part of taking the first steps in that direction.

Dates and times TBC


Please get in touch with me if you've got any questions or would like to know more. As CCCNZ's Church Planting Enabler I'd love to chat:

021 585 212


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