A retreat for pastors and their spouses to unwind, de-brief, connect and be fed from the Word of God together.

6 - 9 August, MiCamp, Taupo

What people say about the CCCNZ PastorLink Retreat:

Graham & Jenny Jacobsen​

We always find Pastors Retreat to be a great source of encouragement. The invited teachers are always relevant to where we are at. We also appreciate the openness of the other pastors to share their struggles. We often think we are the only pastors who have personal challenges. We leave there encouraged by the fact that we are 'normal'. Such an awareness actually frees us and inspires us to grow.

Chris Ellwood - Pastor, Lincoln Road Bible Chapel

"I have come to value the four days at Pastors Retreat each year very highly as a pivot point in ministry. There is a before and after. I have realised that I am not alone and that I have friends all around New Zealand who do what they do for all the reasons I do. They love their jobs and so do I. They have tough days and so do I. Pastors Retreat reminds me that God calls normal people to extraordinary ministry and empowers us all to serve."

Russell and Lois Embling​

"Pastors Retreat has been my first, not-to-be-missed, diary entry every year. It is where like-minded, like-spirited faith warriors encourage, support, pray, laugh and cry with each other as we serve God in the churches. Why wouldn't a pastor want to enjoy all of that in a safe environment." RUSSELL

"A worthwhile time to share with other pastors and wives. I have appreciated the ongoing support through the year from friends who understand your journey. I wouldn't want to miss it." LOIS

Kerry & Aliza Rickard​

"We were privileged to attend our first PastorLink Retreat this year. It was a great time of spiritual refreshing and physical relaxation. Such a joy to spend time with people in similar roles and circumstances. A wonderful time of sharing and encouragement with those who understand the quirks of the role we serve in. We await the Pastorlink Retreat 2017 with anticipation."

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