2019 Regional Conference Dates

Lower South Island Regional Conference: Saturday 6th April, Riverside Chapel, Henley, Otago

Waikato Regional Conference: Saturday 4th May, Raleigh Street Christian Centre, Cambridge

Canterbury Regional Conference: 14th to 15th June, Rutland Street Church, Christchurch

Central and Lower North Island
Regional Conference: Saturday 24th August, The Anchor Church, Whitby, Porirua

Auckland Regional Conference: Saturday 21st September, Location TBC

Who is the conference for?

All church members: This conference is for everyday people: Mums and Dads, young apprentices, solo parents, young adults, seniors, students, and business leaders – anyone who wants to learn to read the Bible with someone 'one to one' or with two to three others.

If the thought of reading the Bible with someone makes you nervous and excited; if it makes you a bit fearful and stretches your faith; if it leads you to think, 'this is way out of my comfort zone, but God could be nudging me'...

... then this conference is for YOU. 


How can God use you to create a culture of everyday disciple making in your church and ministry?

Who are the potential leaders you could be investing Scripture into one on one or in a small group?

What would happen for the growth of the gospel in your church if each of the other elders, pastors or ministry leaders were reading the Bible one on one, or with 2-3 other potential leaders, for 18 months to two years?

Why is a Bible-centered culture of everyday disciple making potentially more transformational and longer lasting than a discipleship course, program or strategy?   

Why read the Bible with someone? There’s a heap of amazing courses, downloads and apps out there, just reading the Bible and talking about it with someone actually sounds pretty boring, are you serious? Is the Bible up to it?

Can I do it? I’m a mechanic/ a mum/ a logger/ a busy professional--I run a business and have my hands full with that, family, and just making it to church, am I up to it? Isn’t this something professional Christians are meant to do?

Who could you invite to read the Bible? Who in your sphere of influence is F.A.T-- Faithful to Jesus, Available and Teachable? Who wants to grow in their faith, who will make the time, and who is willing to learn? Can I read the Bible with more than one person at a time? Would any of my non-Christian friends actually be interested?

How do you invite someone to read the Bible with you? How do you actually ask someone? What do you say? How do you ask someone without them or you feeling stupid? What if they say no? What do you say if they say yes!

How do you read the Bible with someone? What book of the Bible can you start with?, What questions do you ask? How long should a session be? What if they want to talk about their auntie's grandmother's cat's 'alien abduction'? What do you say when you don’t know the answer to something? How do you avoid looking stupid? How do you end a time together? Where should you meet, what Bibles do you use?

What can happen when you read the Bible with someone? Don’t just tell me your glory stories, tell me your gory stories. What can happen to the person? What could happen to me? What could happen at the café where we meet? What could happen in our church?

I’ve come to this conference with a few people from my church, what do we do next? How can we encourage one another to invite someone to read the Bible with us? How we can we be praying for each other? How do we overcome our fear and hesitation?

Meal Ministry Connect Times:

Share meals and meal times with those in the same ministry as you - Youth, Young Adult, Pastoral Care, Childrens, Worship, Outreach, Community, Workplace

Support Ministries Representation:

Hear from and connect with a range of support ministries including, campsites, Pathways, funders, Stewards Trust, GC3, PastorLink. Representatives from these support ministries will be present to chat through how they can serve you and your church. Look out for them.

Regional Time:

What's God doing in our region? How are churches working together to see the gospel grow? Regional Time will be facilitated by Regional Enablers. We'll explore initiatives which help us to work together to take the gospel back to your region.

Local Church Team Time:

Discuss, pray and apply together what you are learning in your local church


Quality resources will be available that grow your engagement with Scripture.

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