For the sake of the good news of Jesus, we want to see churches associated with our movement “linking in” to the CCCNZ National Service Trust.  

When you link in, you indicate that you want to be actively partnering with other churches in the movement, in the interests of greater gospel effectiveness. 

You are not required to link-in in order to participate in CCCNZ events or receive our communications:  we exist to serve all churches who share our heritage.  There are, however, benefits to linking-in, including voting rights for the Board and becoming more aware of a growing number of services.

The Benefits of LINKING-IN

Linking in is a fresh invitation to link into the gospel imperative to reach New Zealand with the good news of Jesus

  • Link-in with other churches and their people and resources to help your church. The resources of others could help you with planting new churches, your services, and community outreach initiatives.
  • Link-in with other churches who can support your church as you seek to reach your community.
  • Link-in enables you to serve, bless, support other churches as they seek to share the gospel

Linking in is an invitation to be mutually supported through the encouragement and resources from other churches in your region

  • Linking church and ministry leaders together through Regional Prayer breakfasts
  • Linking Elders together through Regional Elders retreats and gatherings
  • Linking Pastoral leaders through Pastors gatherings
  • Linking us all together through Regional Conferences

Linking in is an opportunity to connect more richly with campsites, support ministries, and homeworkers across your region

  • We want to link churches with campsites that can support their outreach
  • We want to link churches with a wide range of support ministries to strengthen their witness
  • We want to link churches with parachurch homeworkers 

Linking in connects you to administrative assistance, communications, cost saving benefits, and events. These can increase your church’s effectiveness in sharing the gospel

  • Provide licensing renewal for your churches celebrants
  • Give you up-to-date compliance information around financial reporting and human resources, policy regarding youth and children’s ministry health and safety.  
  • Point you to qualified people from our churches and support ministries who can provide formal advice. 
  • Keeps your team abreast with cost-saving opportunities.


  • Quarterly magazines to keep your church family informed about what God is doing across New Zealand.
  • Monthly email newsletter to keep you up-to-date and inspired.
  • Your church profiled on the CCCNZ website.
  • Linking In enables you to utilise the support of other church and ministry leaders, Regional Enablers, specialist staff, office staff.

Linking In enables you to utilise the support of other church and ministry leaders, Regional Enablers, specialist staff, office staff.

  • Church and ministry leaders: Many of us don’t know the rich network of support that is available to us.
  • Regional Enablers: Leaders who are able to offer support, wisdom and encouragement. 
  • Youth staff: to help to engage the next generation.
  • Office Staff: who can answer your queries.
  • National Administrator: Gives support and direction in relation to critical issues of church administration.

Linking-in is an opportunity to engage with the wider resources of our movement

  • GC3: Provides a wide range of mission support.
  • Stewards: Provides a wide range of property support.
  • Pathways: Provides an amazing range of learning support.
  • Lichfield Lands: Provides a growing range of financial resource support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does LINKING IN diminish our church's independence?

In travelling around the country, we’ve come to see autonomy as the greatest concern that church leaders have when it comes to CCCNZ. And we get it. CCCNZ could look like an attempt to centralise things, to direct things from the centre by a small body of people.

CCCNZ has been developed to be the very opposite for our churches. Rather than impinge on each church’s God-given autonomy, we want to offer services that support and strengthen your independent church.

Can we LINK IN if we are an independent church without an Open Brethren heritage?

We'd like to invite you and your elders to write a signed letter to CCCNZ with your request to "Link In" to the CCCNZ Trust. We'd ask that accompanying this letter is your statement of faith, documentation around your vision and mission, and a brief history of your church.

We will send you a copy of our Trust Deed and Statement of Faith.

We will also outline the process of being "Linked In" (This is covered below).

Our ambassador and a board member will visit your eldership and church. If you are not well known to us, we'll ask about your doctrine, vision and values, and for external referees, etc. We'd love to chat about what your church can bring to the family of churches CCCNZ serves. This will not be a one-way process! We'd love your leaders to have questions for us.

They will then make a recommendation for the Board to consider. The ambassador and the team will then notify you in writing.

What if we decide NOT to LINK IN?

For various reasons, your church may not be ready to "Link In". That's totally understandable. We respect and honor that decision. We'd still love you and your eldership to sign up for the email communications CCCNZ sends out. We’d also welcome you and your church family to attend conferences, events and initiatives run by CCCNZ.

If there are ways we can serve you, let us know. We'd love to help.


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