An Invitation

At CCCNZ we have a vision to be:

prayerfully partnering with God to point kiwi’s to Jesus, through the gospel, from the scriptures by planting churches, growing leaders, and working together.

The purpose of the Retreat is for Board members and key staff from our movements support ministries such as the funding trusts, Pathways, Stewards, GC3 and CCCNZ, our campsites and wider ministries to come together, hear from one another, and find ways to better point kiwi’s to Jesus.

At the retreat:

we’ll encounter Jesus through scripture together,

we’ll hear from each other about the practical services, resources and people we can provide to each other.

we’ll hear from CCCNZ and the resources, services and people they have to serve and support us

we’ll network together and we’ll pray together.

We’ll explore concrete proposals that enable us to work together to further the gospel across Aotearoa New Zealand.

If you are a campsite, hostel, or home, if you are a student, youth or mission’s ministry, if you are an evangelistic or outreach ministry, if your ministry features on the CCCNZ website, if your ministry workers are in the CCCNZ Homeworkers guide we’d warmly like to invite your Board Chair, your CEO and a younger leader to attend.

If you are on the boards of Pathways, GC3, Lichfield Lands, Hillview, APA, Stewards and CCCNZ we’d warmly invite all your board members to attend. It’s important to note that unlike previous years there is no space in the program for Board meetings.

We warmly invite you and your ministry to have a display. Please bring banners and promotional material.

When: 6-7 September 2019

Where: Willow Park, Auckland.

Cost: $100


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