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Throughout the Scriptures, God uses a variety of metaphors to help us imagine what the church is called to be. A body made of many parts. A family made of many members. A building made of many bricks.

Each part independent, yet each part willing to help and be helped, so that the whole can flourish.

CCCNZ's Pastoral Support offers support for churches seeking to grow and develop their vitality by connecting them with coaches, advisors, facilitators and peer-mentors across our movement.

Whether you're seeking help through a leadership transition, support for new ministry ventures, or counsel for increasing the health of your church and leaders - we'd love to chat and seek to connect you with the right people.

More about Jeremy Suisted

Jeremy Suisted is the Coaching Coordinator for CCCNZ. In this role, Jeremy invests in coaches who share our passion for the gospel of Jesus and matches them with churches to train leaders and share their valuable experience and skills.

Jeremy has a background in Christian leadership and innovation coaching. He has worked as a Pastoral Leader amongst youth and young adults with a large team of leaders. He has also worked with Fisher & Paykel, Ballance, Auckland City Council and others to coach their leaders and develop strategies.

He has been an active preacher for 15 years, and continues to be active in discipling and serving at Raleigh Street Christian Centre, along with his wife Lydia.
027 308 8507


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