Worship is the personal outflow of the heart, that desires intimate relationship with the Father and Son, by the Spirit. 

So, how does music play a part in this, and what does worship look like in each of our church contexts?

 How then do I empower and encourage my team to keep serving and growing in ministry?

In the WORSHIP TRACK, we’re going to explore the value of small; discussing ways our music ministry can have a powerful impact in our churches through worship, even with small or more limited resources. 

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Worship Facilitator

Yvonne is the Worship Enabler for CCCNZ. With experience leading and growing music and creative teams from Northcross Church in Auckland, to socially diverse communities in Toronto, Canada, her heart is to see churches working together, sharing resources and connecting with Jesus in a way that authentically represents their congregation and community. Her background is varied, with tertiary education in psychology and as the Event Coordinator for Festival One. She now runs a small media production company alongside serving on staff at Northcross Church as the Director of Worship and Creative Ministries.


Session 1: “Community Context"
Who you are, what your role is, how’d you find yourself there?
What your team is like, culture of the church?
Highlights, challenges, vision etc.

Session 2: “Worship Culture"
What is your theology of worship? What is the purpose?
What does the next generation look like?
What does multi-cultural worship look like?

Session 3: “Songs & Arrangements"
Traditional vs. contemporary songs
Less is more (cut those chords out!!)
Listen to new and different worship playlists (including re-arranged hymns)

Session 4: “The Importance of Inter-Church Community"
Bringing together a worshipping cohort to meet every so often
Sharing resources, conferences, online global worship forums
Praying for each other
Serving in each other’s churches

All Together Session #1

Zechariah 4: The Day of Small Things

All Together Session #2
Mustard Seed: The Power of the Gospel

Small Groups
A time to connect with others and share your experiences.


18 - 20 May 2020


Willow Park Christian Camp

1 Hostel Access Road

Eastern Beach

Auckland 2012, NZ



includes all meals and accomodation


Registrations close 6 May


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