Supporting Local Churches

CCCNZ exists to serve the local church, offering experience and resources where needed. We want to see youth leaders and youth pastors working with people from across the generations to evangelise and disciple youth by pointing them to Jesus through the gospel from the Bible. To that end, we can assist your church in the following ways:


The goal of having a healthy and sustainable youth ministry – one that continues to remain strong after the youth leader moves on and is replaced, is an elusive goal for many churches. They operate under the assumption that all they need is to find the next "superstar" youth leader and their problems will be over. What's needed is a systematic approach in which a team of people seek God over the direction of the youth ministry and from there develop a sense of where He is leading. To assist churches in this task we have developed a set of 28 strategic assets that are common to effective youth ministries. We can work with your youth ministry to identify its assets, concerns and challenges, resulting in a list of recommendations that are then developed into a strategic plan.


The value of a mentor or coach is well accepted in both sport and business and can be no less effective in ministry. Often youth leaders are young and/or inexperienced and there is much value in having someone who can journey alongside them who is more experienced. Through recommendations and personal support, we can provide mentoring and coaching for your youth pastor or youth leader.


We run a number of events throughout the year:

  • National Youth Ministry Summit for youth pastors and key youth leaders (20-22 May 2019)
  • FIRST Training for young leaders 16-18yrs (Upper North Island 9-11 July 2019 and Lower North Island 16-18 July 2019. South Island to be advised)
  • Summer School of Youth Ministry for volunteer youth leaders, summer 2020


We can provide training for your team covering a range of areas such as:

  • Christian Leadership: A Biblical understanding the call, motives, requirements and trials of Christian leadership for youth leaders
  • Ministry Skills: Running programmes, preparing and leading Bible Studies and preaching/teaching
  • Discipleship: Biblical models of discipleship, designing a youth ministry, practical approaches to building disciples
  • Understanding Teenagers: Adolescence, pastoral care and youth culture.

Together Works Better

CCCNZ is committed to the autonomy of the local church at the same time we're conscious that there is mutual and multiplied benefits when we work together.

We are in the process of exploring what "working together" could look like for youth ministries, campsites, and support ministries both nationally and in regions . We'll be looking to appoint regional youth enablers and to develop clusters that offer mutual support for youth leaders while listening to what's God's Spirit is saying to us and how He is leading us.

Youth Ministry National Summit 2019

Following on from the success of our National Youth Summit in May 2018, we're planning another from 20-22 May 2019, More details soon.

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More about Murray Brown...

Murray is a Youth Enabler with CCCNZ. Murray has over 35 years experience in youth ministry, including serving as a youth pastor (which he still currently does), denominational leadership (national and regional) and 12 years lecturing in youth ministry at Carey Baptist College. He has taught widely both in NZ and overseas, has acted as a youth ministry consultant for churches and has been a supervisor/mentor to many youth pastors.

If you'd like assistance with your youth ministry through consultancy, mentoring or training, or if you have thoughts around what God may wanting to do among us regionally or nationally as we dream together, please contact Murray.
027 841 5321


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