Prayer Guide and Resources from WEA

Churches responding to COVID-19 with Faith, Hope and Love. This collection of resources from the World Evangelical Alliance is full of helpful ideas and tools to guide prayer during this time, including tips and tools for praying with children.

Pray for campsites

A helpful tool to help your church or ministry identify the locations campsites that are part of our movement, in order to pray for them by name.

Prayer Guides

Dorothy Greco has developed this helpful guide to pray through various topics during the pandemic.

J.D. Greear has developed a 7-day Pandemic Prayer Guide, including devotions and prompts for prayer.  

Coronavirus and Christ: A downloadable book by John Piper

Helpful Links

20 prayers to pray during this pandemic, This piece from Christianity Today gives focused suggestions to guide your prayers. 

Pandemic Prayer Guide Twenty writers and ministry leaders joined together to create 30 day prayer guide for the COVID-19 pandemic.


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