Since the terrorist attacks in Christchurch, we have been made aware of the need for more robust procedures to be put in place to keep our churches safe.

These guidelines have been developed with the help of Sean Young, a youth pastor at Grace Church in Nelson, who was in the NZ Police for 15 years before moving to a ministry role. 

If you have any further questions Sean has made himself available: 

Or please feel free to chat with the CCCNZ National Administrator Danielle Diprose: 


A Christian response to the destruction of terror: A letter to the CCCNZ Churches From Graham Ashby, CCCNZ Board Member.

Hope and obedience in tumultuous times From CCCNZ Ambassador Mark Grace.

Would a good God allow suffering? profiles a number of articles on the topic of suffering, fear, evil and God's goodness from a range of well-known Christian thinkers and pastors.

Thoughts on how to be the Church in an age of terror and tragedy From Carey Nieuwhof

How Should We Respond to Christchurch? A variety of responses from around the world compiled by Christianity Today.

US theologian Al Mohler writes in response to the November 2017 shooting at a church in Texas. 

CS Lewis on War and Terror


Nick Goodwin is an associate pastor at Raleigh Street Christian Centre and the CCCNZ Regional Enabler for Waikato. He responds to the events of Friday 15 March from Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. Watch the sermon here

Andrew Clemow is pastor at Clark Road Chapel and the CCCNZ Regional Enabler for Northland. Listen to the sermon audio here

The Orchard pastor Greg Burgess offers his thoughts on a Christian response to the Christchurch tragedy. Watch the sermon here.

"...we must remember the words of 1 John 4:18: 'There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.'"


Engaging with Muslims: Understanding their world; sharing good news 

Author John Klaassen spent over 20 years working overseas in Muslim communities and now works with a church in the US engaging with Muslim refugees. This is an excellent resource for anyone wanting more information on loving our Muslim neighbours in Jesus' name. 

The Psalms as Christian Lament 

This book by three theologians blends verse-by-verse commentary with a history of Psalms interpretation in the church from the time of the apostles to the present. A dense read for deep reflection. 

Suffering and the Goodness of God 

A collection of contributions from different theologians, Suffering and the Goodness of God presents biblical truths concerning suffering and challenges believers to promote justice and to emulate God's grace as they minister to others.

Walking With God Through Pain and Suffering

Theologian Timothy Keller explores the theme of suffering in the Bible to reveal how God brings fullness of joy, not just despite but through suffering, just as Jesus saved us, not in spite of, but because of what he suffered on the cross.

The Problem of Pain

CS Lewis provides a theological reflection on pain, evil and suffering in our world – and why these do not run counter to the reality of God’s power, knowledge and goodness. 

In the name of Jesus

For Christian leaders, Henri Nouwen’s work encourages us to lead like Christ did--being prayerful rather than relevant, ministerial rather than popular, and being led rather than being a leader.

Lament for a Son

Nicholas Wolterstorff is a well-known Christian philosopher, whose son was tragically killed in a climbing accident. This raw account of grief is a powerful aid to those in times of tragedy.

"Men of every creed and race, Gather here before your face, Asking you to bless this place, God defend our free land. "


CCCNZ Prayer Coordinator Jackie Millar recommends this article reflecting on the book of Habbakuk in times of crisis. Read it here.

Cornerstone International Bible Church in Dunedin offer this prayer for Christchurch.

A prayer resource from The Good Book Company UK


In 2016, R.C. Sproul reflected on the deadliest shooting in US history (at that time); when a man walked into an Orlando nightclub and killed 49 people. Listen to the 26 minute podcast here.


Ministering to Children in Times of Terror: NZ Baptist Children's and Family Ministries  

Responding to acts of hate (ideas for youth, developed by CCCNZ Youth Enabler Murray Brown)

How to talk to your kids about world trauma (from The Parenting Place)


A Grief Observed

This book by CS Lewis was written 20 years after The Problem of Pain. Lewis offers this painfully honest observation on grief and pain after losing his wife to a battle with cancer. This is a frank, raw and lament-ful book that is helpful for all.

Good Grief

A 30-min workshop from Soul Talk exploring grief from a Christian perspective.  


Where is God in the midst of suffering? From Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias

"Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good." Romans 12:21


Counter Terrorism Protective Security Advice for Places of Worship, produced by UK Police and National Counter Terrorism Security Office

Statement on White Supremacy from InterVarsity


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