Rob Morton is the 3TRUSTS Scholarship Coordinator and has been
appointed to serve the movement through supporting the Hillview, Lichfield Lands and Longview Trusts with the David Bay Evangelism Scholarship, the JH Baldwin Scholarship and the Matt Alexander Scholarship. 

At the heart of each scholarship is the desire to see:

The right people… These are leaders who have the scriptural character qualities of Elders. They will place a very high value on the Bible, the cross, conversion and serving society. They’ll be able to teach the Bible, shepherd, serve, and disciple.

Studying in the right institutions… These training institutions will prepare our leaders for the multicultural secular New Zealand that is coming. They will establish our leaders in the Scriptures, they will place a significant emphasis on expository preaching to a multicultural secularizing society, and they will help our leaders disciple leaders in the home, ministry and the marketplace.

And heading into the right places… We want to support the people we’ve invested into, to be placed in the right ministry context for them, for us as a network of churches and ultimately for the growth of the gospel in New Zealand.

Develop a leadership greenhouse in your church

Rob would love to chat with you about how scholarships could be used to assist you to develop a leadership 'greenhouse' in your local church. Imagine your current and potential small group leaders, ministry leaders, elders, evangelists, church planters and pastoral leaders intentionally being developed through informal, certificate, diploma, degree and postgraduate study.


David Bay Evangelism Scholarship

The purpose of the David Bay Evangelism Scholarship is to assist suitable people with evangelistic gifts and abilities, to increase their fruitfulness through further study.

Eligibility: This scholarship's primary aim is to help Christians from CCCNZ/Open Brethren churches (and those with an association to those churches).

The David Bay Evangelism Scholarship is kindly provided by the Hillview Trust.

JH Baldwin Scholarship

The purpose of the JH Baldwin Scholarship is to assist suitable people to be biblically and theologically equipped to be better preaching pastoral and mission leaders among CCCNZ churches in New Zealand.

Eligibility:  This scholarship is uniquely for recipients in CCCNZ Churches
Level of study: Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate

The JH Baldwin Scholarship is kindly provided by the Lichfield Lands Trust.

​Matt Alexander Scholarship

The purpose of the Matt Alexander Scholarship is to assist suitable people to undertake postgraduate or sabbatical theological study.

Eligibility:  This scholarship is for recipients from across the New Zealand church including CCCNZ churches.
Level of study: Masters, PHD, DMin

The Matt Alexander Scholarship is kindly provided by the Longview Trust.

More about Rob Morton...

Rob Morton is our Scholarship Coordinator. Rob has been involved in pastoral ministry for the last 10 years. He is passionate about training others for ministry and runs church based training courses for everyday Christians, Sunday School teachers, youth and Bible study leaders and new preachers. Rob is currently leading a “starting team” who are working to plant a new church in Hastings. Before training for ministry, Rob worked in commercial radio. Rob is married to Adelle and they have four children.
027 758 7733


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