Supporting churches as they train, equip and grow ordinary Christians in ministry.

Rob Morton

Rob Morton is the CCCNZ Training and Scholarships Coordinator. Rob works to encourage our churches as they seek to train, equip and grow ordinary Christians in ministry, within a local church context.

Rob also works closely with the Hillview, Lichfield Lands and Longview Trusts, overseeing the application process for the David Bay Evangelism Scholarship, the JH Baldwin Scholarship and the Matt Alexander Scholarship.   

At the heart of each scholarship is the desire to see the right people, studying in the right institutions, and heading to the right places.

The right people: These are leaders who place a very high value on the Bible, the cross, conversion, and serving society. They’ll be able to teach the Bible, shepherd, serve, and disciple.

Studying in the right institutions: These training institutions will prepare our leaders for the multicultural secular New Zealand that is coming. They will establish our leaders in the Scriptures, they will place a significant emphasis on expository preaching to a multicultural secularising society, and they will help our leaders disciple leaders in the home, ministry and the marketplace.

And heading into the right places: We want to support the people we’ve invested into, to be placed in the right ministry context for them, for us as a network of churches and ultimately for the growth of the gospel in New Zealand.

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Training, equipping, and growing your church

Rob would love to chat with you about developing a church culture where everybody is being trained and equipped for ministry. It's within this environment that new leaders can grow and are developed. Scholarships can help support these growing leaders as they deepen their understanding of the Scriptures and ministry, all within the context of the local church. 

Which scholarships are available?

David Bay Evangelism Scholarship

The purpose of the David Bay Evangelism Scholarship is to assist suitable people with evangelistic gifts and abilities, to increase their fruitfulness through further study.

Eligibility: This scholarship's primary aim is to help Christians from CCCNZ/Open Brethren churches (and those with an association to those churches).

The David Bay Evangelism Scholarship is kindly provided by the Hillview Trust.

JH Baldwin Scholarship

The purpose of the JH Baldwin Scholarship is to assist suitable people to be biblically and theologically equipped to be better preaching pastoral and mission leaders among CCCNZ churches in New Zealand.

Eligibility:  This scholarship is uniquely for recipients in CCCNZ Churches
Level of study: Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate

The JH Baldwin Scholarship is kindly provided by the Lichfield Lands Trust.

​Matt Alexander Scholarship

The purpose of the Matt Alexander Scholarship is to assist suitable people to undertake postgraduate or sabbatical theological study.

Eligibility:  This scholarship is for recipients from across the New Zealand church.
Level of study: Masters, PHD, DMin

The Matt Alexander Scholarship is kindly provided by the Longview Trust.

A Season of Equipping: Josh's scholarship story

In 2019 we caught up with Joshua Irving from Auckland Bible Church to hear more about how he is spending a season being equipped to serve the Church in a variety of ways: 

"To see the gospel being shared across these islands is my impetus for choosing to study theology. I was led and discipled as a young believer through the student ministry TSCF, and came to realise the profound impact Christian leadership and discipleship can have on the Church and its witness in Aotearoa."

Joshua Irving is a recipient of the JH Baldwin Scholarship, and is currently studying towards an undergraduate degree in Applied Theology through Carey Baptist College. Josh and his wife Kaitlyn recently moved back to New Zealand, from Singapore: 

"After some time away, we were convinced that the place we're best equipped to serve the Church is New Zealand, and investing in training seemed like a good place to start."

Previously, Josh worked for six years as a High School teacher, and five months ago he and Kaitlyn welcomed a baby girl, Eliana. 

"I'm convinced that a season of equipping is important to my effectiveness in sharing the gospel, and will prepare me to serve the Church in a variety of ways. For me, it's a real privilege to study again. The financial consideration is significant and I'm very grateful for the JH Baldwin Scholarship, which has been, for my family, a major provision enabling me to study with real purpose."

Josh is supported by Auckland Bible Church: "I've been able to gain practical experience and insight into ministry by serving in a paid part-time position as the Youth Coordinator, and the church has been generous in their care and support for me to study."  

If you are thinking about studying God’s Word and training for ministry and mission, we’d love to hear from you and find out if we can help.
The JH Baldwin Scholarship is provided by Lichfield Lands and exists to see men and women equipped for a lifetime of service in and through the local church through teaching, pastoral and preaching ministries. 

The JH Baldwin Scholarship is uniquely for people in CCCNZ and Open Brethren Heritage churches. This scholarship is available for Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Postgraduate levels, studying in New Zealand and overseas.

More info on the JH Baldwin Scholarship


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