Where will our church leaders of the future come from? 

How do we raise up more Sunday School teachers, youth and Bible study leaders, church planters and disciplers?

How do local churches practically train ordinary Christians for ministry when we’re just struggling to fill our rosters?

The TRAINING TRACK is for church leaders who are keen to think about what it takes to equip God’s people for works of service (Eph 4:12) – especially leadership and word ministry.

COVID-19: Due to the likelihood of long-term restrictions on gatherings post-lockdown, we have chosen to cancel all of our face-to-face events for 2020. While this is a decision not taken lightly, we are pursuing alternative options for our events such as; altering them to an online format or postponement. If you have any immediate questions or concerns, please contact Events Manager Hannah Munro | hannahmunro@cccnz.nz | 027 298 7880 


Training Facilitator

Rob Morton is our Training and Scholarship Coordinator. Rob has been involved in pastoral ministry for the last 10 years. He is passionate about training others for ministry and runs “Practical Bible Training” - church based training courses for everyday Christians and leaders. Rob is currently training and co-leading a church planting team in Hastings. Before studying for ministry, Rob worked in commercial radio. Rob is married to Adelle and they have four children. 


Session 1: “What is training and why should we bother?”
We will think about what training in the church is, what the Bible has to say about it, and how it fits into everything else the church is trying to do. As part of this session we want to reflect on what our churches are currently doing (or not doing!)

Session 2: “The context and content of training”
Where does training for ministry and mission happen? Isn’t that just something that Bible colleges do? In this session we will think about churches as a place where people are equipped for ministry, and we will consider what knowledge, skills and practices we are passing on.

Session 3: “A training plan for my church”
Every church is different, with different people, strengths and resources. In this session we will think about our own churches and how we can offer training in the next 12 months that works for us and our people.

Session 4: “A training plan for our movement”
What is the pathway to ministry and mission for people within CCCNZ? How can churches, colleges and support ministries work together to raise up more leaders? How can we raise up teams of people to plant new churches? In this final session we will think about the future of ministry training for our movement as we try to work together.

All Together Session #1

Zechariah 4: The Day of Small Things

All Together Session #2
Mustard Seed: The Power of the Gospel

Small Groups
A time to connect with others and share your experiences.


18 - 20 May 2020


Willow Park Christian Camp

1 Hostel Access Road

Eastern Beach

Auckland 2012, NZ



includes all meals and accomodation


Registrations close 6 May


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