We've developed a discernment tool to help reflect on what God has been doing in your church, campsite or ministry during lockdown. 

Feel free to take it and make it your own, use whatever will be most helpful to you.

We've also asked our staff team to reflect on the question: What Comes Next? 

They share some brief thoughts on the implications for ministry as we move away from full lockdown.  


Ambassador Mark Grace reflects on how what comes next depends on what comes first as we move out of isolation. 


PastorLINK Enabler Kerry Rickard looks at how the 'doing' of church has changed with COVID-19, but the 'being' hasn't.


National Administrator Danielle Diprose reflects on Philippians, and how Paul's calling to contentment in Christ provides the foundation for ministry in tough situations. 

Children and Family Ministries

Children and Family Ministries Enabler Julie McKinnon asks what it would look like to 'make disciples' in a world changed by isolation and the COVID-19 crisis. 


Prayer Coordinator Jackie Millar asks, 'Whose voice are you listening to?' 

Youth Ministry

Youth Enabler Murray Brown reflects on the core business of Youth Ministry: discipleship. 


3TRUSTS and CCCNZ Training and Scholarships Coordinator Rob Morton takes inspiration from the different forms of electronic church during COVID-19 to reflect on growing a training culture within your church. 


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