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The CCCNZ National Admin Resource Library contains all sorts of tools, tips, templates and advice for churches and support ministries in the areas of Health & Safety, Employment, Financial, Compliance, Cost Saving and more.

CCCNZ National Admin Resource Library access is for all New Zealand churches, campsites and support ministries with CCCNZ primary affiliation and/or Open Brethren Heritage. 

The CCCNZ National Admin Resource Library can be accessed in full using the link below to take you to the user log in page. If you or your church would like a log in please contact Communications Manager, Sophia Sinclair.

If you are seeking resources relating to COVID-19, please see our response page

What's in the Admin Resource Library?

If you're interested in finding out more visit our archive of ADMIN newsletters to get a feel for what they contain. 

Health and Safety is an area that, as churches and support ministries, we need to be aware of. To assist you in complying with the law, we have pulled together some resources to help you in this area.

Included in this is a Toolbox which breaks the requirements down month by month and will assist you in creating a health and safety plan and give you the questions needed to support you in reviewing your plan on an annual basis.

Our children are important to us and we need to provide them with safe and healthy environments where they can get to know God. 

To do this our churches need to protect them, so we have pulled together a number of resources to support your church in creating policies and procedures that assist you in this.

Every church has a different employment structure which is unique to the community that they are serving. 

We have had a number of queries around employment, therefore we give some generally accepted guidelines when employing staff based around these queries, as well as resources to support your church as you support your employees.

Finance is where we will support you with the resources you need to stay compliance from GST registration to charities filing. 

Best practice procedures and products are also included here, supporting your church to manage what God has entrusted them with.


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