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The CCCNZ Staff Team seeks to support and develop local, regional, and national teams of people who are serving in CCCNZ and Open Brethren heritage churches.

The CCCNZ Staff Team is a remote team; with full-time and part-time staff based in Auckland, Waikato, the Bay of Plenty, Christchurch and Manawatū. The Staff Team is directed by the CCCNZ Trust Board and led by the Ambassador. 

Mark Grace

Mark Grace serves as Ambassador for CCCNZ. As Ambassador, Mark spends his time working with the CCCNZ staff team and encouraging the wider movement to continue to have confidence in the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ. Mark comes to the role from a background in Pastoral Ministry; 15 years in Student Ministry; strategic roles in the Mission, Aid and Development sector in New Zealand. Mark attends Feilding Bible Chapel with his wife Emma and their three children.
027 290 3600
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

Richard Fountain

As Auckland Regional Enabler, Richard works among CCCNZ and Open Brethren heritage churches to grow connections across greater Auckland. Richard is passionate about helping churches and service providers to work together to grow leaders for church flourishing, revitalisation, and planting. Richard has served as Senior Pastor in an inner city Auckland church, as a theological consultant, and has taught Bible and ministry related subjects within Aotearoa, New Zealand and overseas since 2007. His overseas ministry has included The Sudan, Vietnam and, more recently, Nepal. Richard and his wife, Karen, attend Wiremu Street Bible Chapel.
027 270 1634
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

Grant Birks

Grant Birks serves as Waikato/Bay of Plenty Regional Enabler for CCCNZ. Grant and his family have recently returned from 14 years as missionaries in West Africa, where he was involved in theological education and mission leadership. He is passionate about seeing churches working together so that they thrive and grow by developing church leadership, especially young people. He also has a heart for overseas missions. He resides in the Bay of Plenty and attends Lifezone Church in Tauranga.
021 031 3285
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

Tim Hodge

As South Island Regional Enabler, Tim works to encourage, support, and connect churches and campsites across Te Waipounamu, the South Island. Tim has worked in IT, on staff at a local church, and in tertiary student mission (TSCF). He loves all things Mainland! Together with his wife Liz and children, he's part of the Springs Community Church team, speaking for Jesus and living for Jesus in Lincoln, Canterbury.
027 374 8048
Hours: 32 hours per week

Julie McKinnon

Julie McKinnon is the Children and Family Ministries Enabler for CCCNZ. She is passionate about kids and growing their faith in Jesus. Recognising the key role parents play in this, Julie is committed to encourage those relationships and to partner with and support local churches to see their Children and Family Ministries grow and flourish. Julie is married to Jason, they have four daughters and are based in Hamilton where they attend Hillcrest Chapel.
021 158 3668
Hours: Tues, Wed, Thurs 8-4.30

Craig Barrow

Craig Barrow is the CCCNZ Youth and Young Adults Enabler and has been part of the Brethren and CCCNZ movement his whole life. Craig grew up at Tōtara Springs, and has served as a pastor at two CCCNZ churches, and as the principal of Pathways College. The core of Craig’s role is to see people working with youth and young adults supported and networked together. Craig is married to Josephine and has two adult children.
021 243 4363
Hours: Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm

Richard Davis

Richard Davis is our Camping Enabler. He is passionate about the unique role Christian camping has in evangelism to people of all ages. In the past many camps were established as an extension of the Church, and Richard has developed a deep desire to see our Open Brethren heritage camps and churches work in partnership to benefit the communities they serve. As well as experience in managing a large camp, Richard also has an extensive corporate banking background. Richard is married to Kate and they have three boys.
027 260 2443
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

Liz Hodge

Liz Hodge works as the Scholarships Enabler for CCCNZ. Liz has a background in administration and sales support, and is stoked to be able to play a part in strengthening local churches in the scholarships role seeing people learn and grow in Jesus. Together with her husband Tim and their two children, Liz is part of Springs Community Church, a new intergenerational church in Lincoln Canterbury.
Hours: 20 hours per week during school hours

Jan De Lange

Jan serves as National Advisor for CCCNZ; he brings a wealth of governance experience from both the business and corporate world, serving on national and international boards. Since immigrating to New Zealand a decade ago, he has been involved in full-time pastoral leadership. Jan also has experience in trustee and chair roles of various Christian non-profit organisations in New Zealand. Jan and his wife, Debi live in Swannanoa in Canterbury and have three children and seven grandchildren. Jan's passion lies in sharing the transformative power of the gospel, and he finds immense joy in witnessing how Jesus can change lives for the better.
022 380 0501
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

Paula Almada

Paula Almada is Executive Assistant to the Ambassador for CCCNZ. Paula is originally from Argentina, she served as church youth leader for many years, in both Argentina and Spain before moving to New Zealand. She attends Crossroads Church with her husband, Saverio. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, travelling, and spending time with her family.
027 257 1931
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

JC Marais

JC Marais is the Operations Manager for CCCNZ. JC has more than 30 years of experience in accountancy and operations management, working for small and large businesses in South Africa. JC and his family moved to Wellington, New Zealand just before the start of the pandemic and became part of the Onslow Community Church family—which is how he found out about CCCNZ. Since moving to Palmerston North, JC and his wife Anna now attend Church on Vogel.
027 303 2914
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm 

Ray-Anne Cahill

Ray-Anne Cahill is the Accounts and Team Support Administrator for CCCNZ. Ray-Anne and her husband Jason immigrated from South Africa and live in Feilding with their two boys, where they fellowship at Feilding Bible Chapel. Ray-Anne loves to sing, in her spare time, she sings in the Feilding ladies’ choir and serves as worship leader at FBC.
027 268 5636
Hours: Monday 8am - 5pm, Tuesday to Thursday 8am - 4pm and Friday 8am – 3pm

Jackie Millar

Jackie Millar is the Prayer Coordinator for CCCNZ. She has a passion for prayer and has been involved in various prayer ministries for many years. In this role, Jackie encourages the prayer ministry of CCCNZ. Jackie and her husband Ken fellowship at Raleigh Street Christian Centre with their two daughters and foster children.
Hours: 2 days per week

Mark van Wijk

Mark is the CCCNZ PastorLink Enabler. PastorLink is a relational network of ‘pastors supporting pastors’ that values unity, encouragement and growth across the wider Open Brethren and CCCNZ movement of churches. Having served for over 16 years in pastoral ministry, and experienced the various complexities that come with that, it is Mark’s heart to see all pastoral staff connected, supported, and cared for. He is married to Steph and they are based in Auckland with their three teenage children.
027 292 6717
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm

Nick Goodwin

Nick is the Pastoral Theologians Fellowship Coordinator. Nick’s heart is to see CCCNZ Pastors and Elders apply theological convictions to real life issues, and communicate theology clearly and compellingly to both the church and the wider world. Nick is an Associate Pastor and Elder at Raleigh Street Christian Centre, Cambridge, and an assistant chaplain at the University of Waikato. Before moving into church employment, Nick worked for government in health policy and management positions, and he holds qualifications in science, public policy, and theology. He is married to Jo, and has two teenage children.

027 417 8205
Hours: Tuesday 9am-5pm

Sophia Sinclair

Sophia Sinclair is the CCCNZ Communications Manager. She is responsible for making the publications, website and printed material look and sound great. Sophia's background is in journalism, English literature and theatre, with a special focus working with Christian non-profits.
Hours: 20 hours per week


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