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Supporting churches as they train, equip and grow ordinary Christians in ministry.

Which scholarships are available?

David Bay Evangelism Scholarship

The purpose of the David Bay Evangelism Scholarship is to assist suitable people with evangelistic gifts and abilities, to increase their fruitfulness through further study.

Eligibility: This scholarship's primary aim is to help Christians from CCCNZ/Open Brethren churches (and those with an association to those churches).

The David Bay Evangelism Scholarship is kindly provided by the Hillview Trust.

JH Baldwin Scholarship

The purpose of the JH Baldwin Scholarship is to assist suitable people to be biblically and theologically equipped to be better preaching pastoral and mission leaders among CCCNZ churches in New Zealand.

Eligibility:  This scholarship is uniquely for recipients in CCCNZ Churches
Level of study: Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Post Graduate

The JH Baldwin Scholarship is kindly provided by the Lichfield Lands Trust.

​Matt Alexander Scholarship

The purpose of the Matt Alexander Scholarship is to assist suitable people to undertake postgraduate or sabbatical theological study.

Eligibility:  This scholarship is for recipients from across the New Zealand church.
Level of study: Masters, PHD, DMin

The Matt Alexander Scholarship is kindly provided by the Longview Trust.

Want to find out more?

Liz Hodge works as the Scholarships Enabler for CCCNZ. Liz has a background in administration and sales support, and is stoked to be able to play a part in strengthening local churches in the scholarships role seeing people learn and grow in Jesus. Together with her husband Tim and their two children, Liz is part of Springs Community Church, a new intergenerational church in Lincoln Canterbury.

Liz processes scholarship applications, interviews candidates, and supports 3TRUSTS. If you'd like more information about scholarships, get in touch with Liz:

Growing in faith and ministry through practical theological study

Primary school teacher Abbie Gibson (pictured) always enjoyed serving as part of youth and children's ministries and was keen to grow and learn more.

At the end of 2021 Abbie gave up her full-time teaching role to pursue theological study—with the hope that she would grow and be better equipped to continue serving in children’s and youth ministries.

Northgate Community Church (NCC) Lead Pastor Jonathan Ruthven says the church has been blessed to have Abbie serve as part of her studies, through an internship.

As part of her internship Abbie has been able to help out with the children’s programmes, including writing a monthly newsletter to help keep whānau informed of what is happening. She says, 'It has been such a delight seeing all those involved with the programme growing in faith and as people'.

There have been a number of highlights of her study so far, including Mainly Music: 'It is not something I can typically do when teaching full time. It's been really neat connecting with people and their kids there. I've also enjoyed doing the welcoming table at church, discipling a youth this semester, and helping at Purpose (Youth Group)'.

In 2023 Abbie will complete a Level 6 Diploma in Christian Leadership at Pathways College, and is praying about what God would have her do next as she continues to serve in his name.

Abbie says her lectures over week-long blocks have allowed for more time to explore aspects of her faith that she wouldn't usually engage with during her own Bible study. The practical hands-on aspect of the diploma also means she has been able to step out and give more time to serving young people and their families at NCC.

Jonathan says it's good to have Abbie back for a second year, allowing her to build on the great relationships she has established with local families.

Liz Hodge is CCCNZ Scholarships Enabler and meets scholarship candidates and interns like Abbie, she says: 'Internship Support is provided by Lichfield Lands and is designed to assist churches as they develop leaders, and it has been great to support NCC in their practical training of Abbie'.

If you’d like to know more about how 3TRUSTS Scholarships can support your church to be training leaders please talk to Liz Hodge. If you are serving in a CCCNZ Open Brethren heritage church and would like to talk more about undertaking theological study at any level also chat to Liz: 


Five booklets to help you train leaders in your local church. Full of practical, adaptable content that you can use immediately. 

Training, equipping, and growing your church

We'd love to chat with you about developing a church culture where everybody is being trained and equipped for ministry. It's within this environment that new leaders can grow and are developed. Scholarships can help support these growing leaders as they deepen their understanding of the Scriptures and ministry, all within the context of the local church. 


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