What does CCCNZ PastorLINK do?

PastorLINK seeks to support every pastor, their spouses, and their families in sustaining ministry through a network of ‘pastors supporting pastors’ that values unity, encouragement and growth across the wider Open Brethren and CCCNZ movement of churches.

For 21 years, PastorLINK has served pastors from churches with an Open Brethren Heritage. Now, as CCCNZ PastorlINK, we have a heart to grow:

  • A relational network of pastors meeting across the country locally, regionally and nationally.
  • Mentoring and coaching of pastors.
  • A National Leadership Team of pastors.
  • Systems and supports to see the raising up of new pastors.
  • A network of recognised local support for pastors in need.
  • The dynamic sharing of resources and across the CCCNZ movement as others learn and grow.
  • An Annual Northern and Southern Pastors’ Retreat for pastors and their spouses, along with a suite of other events and activities especially for pastors. 

The CCCNZ PastorLINK Team

Rob Morton
CCCNZ Training Coordinator

Kerry Rickard 
CCCNZ Leadership Support 

Darryl Ward
Wellington PastorLINK Enabler

Gary Gilpin
PastorLINK Enabler

More about Kerry Rickard

CCCNZ PastorLINK Enabler Kerry Rickard is Discipleship Pastor at Kingston Community Church where he serves with his wife, Aliza, and their family. In a previous season of life he was involved in primary education as a teacher and then principal. Kerry has a deep passion to see strong and gifted people released into leadership roles within our churches as they are equipped and discipled by spiritual shepherds. Kerry has been released two days per week to invest in the development of the CCCNZ PastorLINK National Leadership Team and its implementation of the vision of sustaining ministry.

022 439 2507

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