CCCNZ aims to support churches and ministries in a flourishing prayer life, to live out the mandate called upon by Jesus in Matthew 21:13 when he said: “It is written, ‘My house shall be called a house of prayer’…” 

God has established prayer as the means by which we communicate with Him and grow in our love for him. There is power in prayer, for the individual, but also for the Church, because prayer shapes the life of the Church. What a gift we have in prayer! 

“His ability to do the impossible should make our hearts soar and ask for the impossible, but his sovereignty and wisdom should keep us grounded... and we trust him regardless. Peace is found there and only there.” - John Onwuchekwa.

Jackie Millar

Jackie Millar is the Prayer Coordinator for CCCNZ. She has a passion for prayer and has been involved in various prayer ministries, in various church settings, for many years. In this role, Jackie oversees the prayer ministry of CCCNZ with two main objectives; developing and implementing a prayer strategy for the CCCNZ movement and secondly, to encourage and provide support to prayer intercessors in their local church context. Jackie and her husband Ken fellowship at Raleigh Street Christian Centre with their two daughters and foster children.
021 044 0245


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