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Church Camp Partnership

Seeing churches and camps working together to point people to Jesus

What can CCCNZ offer churches?

Camping can strengthen, deepen and accelerate your church's community outreach. 

As churches seek to point people to Jesus there is a significant gain when they are supported by a Christian camp.

When a church invites people to camp, it provides a genuine Christ-centred, loving community that is focussed on relationship building through living, playing, and learning together.

Check out the ways having a regional camp serve alongside you can help as you seek to reach and serve your community.

Develop leaders

Camps provide ideal environments for nurturing future leaders within the church. CCCNZ would love to help you build and mentor your youth and developing leaders in partnership with a local camp.


You can apply for funding to help your church reach more people in partnership with a campsite.

There is funding to support churches youth groups and children and families ministries in their outreach through camping.


If you are wanting help finding outstanding speakers for your youth, children's, adult or family camps, CCCNZ staff can make helpful suggestions.


3TRUSTS Scholarships offer scholarships for internship study, perfect for people in your church wanting to do an internship with camps.

The Ian Elliott Governance Scholarship offers scholarships in the area of governance perfect for those from the church serving on camp Boards. (Note the Ian Elliott Governance scholarship is not administered via 3Trusts Scholarships).


Want to know how churches like yours can use camping to reach their communities with the gospel? We can put you in touch or make introductions.

Grow disciples

After responding to the gospel at camp, new believers need the nurturing and support of local churches to grow as disciples of Jesus. 

Could your church welcome and disciple new believers who heard about Jesus while on camp? 

What can CCCNZ offer camps?

When camps have a close relationship with churches, they have the opportunity to work together in helping the church fulfil Christ’s mission.

As people come to know Jesus, camps can provide opportunities to support churches as they disciple and grow believers through leadership.

Churches play a key role by praying, supporting, and supplying staff, volunteers and speakers when working together with camps. 

As the church shares the vision for their community, camps can help meet needs and in partnership they fulfil the mission.


CCCNZ draws together leaders in key ministry roles in our churches. We’d love to help connect key camp staff with regional church elders, pastors, key volunteers, youth leaders, children and family leaders to enable conversation and sharing of vision.


CCCNZ can assist camps and provide more information on potential funding to support gospel ministry.


Our staff would love to connect you with quality speakers for your youth camps, family camps and other conferences held at your campsite.


3TRUSTS Scholarships offer scholarships for internship study, perfect for people in your church wanting to do an internship with camps. The Ian Elliot Governance Scholarship offers scholarships in the area of governance perfect for those serving on camp boards.

Join us

CCCNZ would love to connect you with the wider movement via comms, social media, membership in specialist CCCNZ Facebook groups, newsletters, print magazines and more.


Camp staff and volunteers will be up-skilled and encouraged by attending different CCCNZ events. These events are attended by different church leaders and ministry leaders in the CCCNZ movement and also provide great opportunities to connect at a regional level.

"It was a thrill to gather as one large church family for the first time (after COVID restrictions ended), at Teapot Valley Christian Camp for our Easter Sunday service. We heard testimonies, the gospel was preached, Teapot Valley served us beautifully, and the church family relaxed late into the day on the wonderful campus."

  • Daryl Bay, Lead Pastor of Hope Community Church

Stories of churches working together with campsites

Leading at camp helped develop our youth leaders

"I love that it gives our teens tools like fostering community and articulating the gospel and then gives them practical opportunities to practice their faith during the week."

  • Marina Shannon, Youth Pastor, Orewa Community Church

Creative ways to partner with your local campsite

Pray for local campsites

Downloadable pdf to help you and your church pray for local campsites. 

Want to get your partnership started?

Richard Davis is CCCNZ Camping Enabler.

He is passionate about the unique role Christian camping has in evangelism to people of all ages. In the past many camps were established as an extension of the Church, and Richard has developed a deep desire to see CCCNZ and Open Brethren heritage camps and churches work in partnership to benefit the communities they serve.

As well as experience in managing a large camp, Richard also has an extensive corporate banking background. Richard is married to Kate and they have three boys.
027 260 2443
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am - 5pm


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