God qualifies the called

In 2016 Mihiwai and Renata Te Aho decided to approach the assembly and elders about running a youth night at Tauwhare Gospel Chapel.

Mihiwai and I have lived at Tauwhare Marae for 32 years. We have four sons and six grandchildren. Mihiwai and I fellowship at the Tauwhare Gospel Chapel which is located at Tauwhare Marae.

Both Mihiwai and I believe God has called us to do his work to help our youth get to know about Jesus, for it was when we were young that we too heard about Jesus at youth nights on Tauwhare Marae.

We both work full time in our respective jobs. Mihiwai teaches at the local kura-ā-iwi, Te Kura ō Ngāti Hauā. I work as a Line Mechanic for WEl Services in the power industry. So, our lives are full on. We are not qualified youth pastors or pastors, but we believe God will help us do his work and he will qualify us in our journey for him.

Our local assembly is very supportive in prayers and we thank CCCNZ Regional Enabler brother Nick Goodwin for the encouragement and support he has given us. We are always thankful for whatever resources we can access and are always grateful for continued help in discipling.

We have about 24 youth in our community, aged from 10 years to 15 years, 14 of whom attend regularly. Our night begins with karakia first, which teaches the youth to put Christ first. We then open the Bible and learn from the Word of God. It could be to read about certain passages of Scripture, or to answer some questions that the youth have asked from the last youth night and or it may be homework that has been set about a certain passage of Scripture that we have read. We then have a karakia for kai and have something to eat and drink, followed by a chill out time to play games, play table tennis, play the ukulele, guitar or drum, or just to korero. We then finish with waiata: singing choruses and hymns praising the Lord. They love singing to the Lord.

As a word of encouragement to those who may be thinking about doing something similar, God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the CALLED.


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