Waitangi Day Reflections 2019

As part of their CCCNZ commitments PastorLink Enabler Kerry Rickard and Ambassador Mark Grace had the privilege of attending Waitangi Day 2019.

"What a joy! The green shoots of new growth and new life in the treaty relationship evident 5 years ago at Waitangi are budding across Waitangi Day 2019 in so many ways. 

At the heart of that is the work of the Spirit of God working through the gospel and the people of God. 

Some of the buds include: 140 Christians from a group who have volunteered quietly in the kitchens, car parks and cleaning toilets for many years have now been given significant opportunity to see the gospel influence a number of events and activities. 

The two morning services filled with Scripture and prayer are some of the most well-attended events of the day. 

Worship at Waitangi is an opportunity to worship God running almost continuously over 2-3 days. It’s a central and beautiful part of festivities on the lower marae. 

For the first time local pastors and members of their congregations had the privilege of paddling a waka alongside the traditional wakas as part of festivities. 

It is evident throughout the day that there is a quiet confidence growing amongst Māori Christians to live and speak for Jesus. In many ways this confidence continues growing below the public’s radar but is clearly evident at Waitangi. As a foretaste of what’s to come I do note, for the first time, the national media reported aspects of two sermons both given by Māori leaders at Waitangi today! 

It’s also evident that these buds are in part the result of the Spirit watering years of quiet loving, serving and relationship building between Māori and Pākehā across Waitangi.

The example of Christians at Waitangi is an example to us in our local communities, to be building bi-cultural bridges, on our streets, in our workplaces and each of the spheres God has placed us.

 It’s our prayer as these buds begin to blossom that the result will be the goodness of God to us in Jesus at the cross would be known and experienced by kiwis of all ethnicities across Aotearoa."

Do chat to Kerry Rickard if you are interested in joining other pastoral leaders from our movement at Waitangi 2020 (180 year celebration)

Do also look out for Waitangi 2019 on Shine TV over the next week. It’s an excellent into view into Waitangi Day 2019.


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