Leadership Links

Leadership is a journey, and one in which we want to continue growing our skills in. When a leader’s growth plateaus - or worse, stagnates - the people they are leading are the ones who suffer.

Paul urged the church at Colosse to work with all their hearts at whatever was in front of them. If you’re a leader - that includes your leadership.

There’s no shortage of fantastic books and online resources to help up-skill your leadership, but we wanted to share a few that we’ve found helpful in the recent weeks.

Paul Windsor’s latest post Let’s Get Really Radical offers a profound insight into what truly radical Christianity is, and how it is required in the world. Urging us to push beyond (but not ignore) the trends of equality, fairness and climate change, Paul points to the more radical problems that lurk behind these - “Unless you move further into the circle and ultimately see the importance of people having a transforming encounter with Jesus Christ, you will never be quite radical enough in your approach.”

If you’re seeking pragmatic tips on developing your leadership, Dan Reiland provides regular content for church leaders. Practical and easy to consume, Dan’s tips are powerful to know but much more powerful when practiced. Great to discuss at a staff meeting, or to reflect on during the week.

Finally, if you’re seeking to understand the impact of social media distractions, and how to life a focused life in an always-on world, Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism is a great read. Cal Newport - a professor at George Town University - provides powerful research, and healthy tips for maximising your leadership focus in a world that is constantly demanding your attention.


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