CCCNZ at the International Brethren Mission Conference

From CCCNZ Ambassador, Mark Grace

It is such a privilege to be with an amazing group of Kiwis from GC3, Bright Hope World and CCCNZ at the International Brethren Mission Conference here in Rome.

1000 leaders of gospel work in 130 countries have gathered for five days to delight in Jesus, and to find ways of working together to see the gospel flourish.

What are we learning 

We are a part of a mission movement of 30,000 churches in almost 200 countries.

We are part of a mission movement where thousands of young people have given their lives to the advancement of the gospel of Jesus in the 19th and 20th centuries to plant churches and movement of churches across the world.

We are learning that from Romania to Rwanda, from Portugal to Pakistan the gospel continues to grow and churches continue to be planted. Across Pakistan there are 300 churches from our movement and the good news is being lived and spoken from them. 

One of the highlights of the week would be listening to a young Kiwi who has a ministry among sex workers in a closed country. She is an example of the best of us as movement; courageous and with deep conviction, she is pointing these women to Jesus through the gospel from the Scriptures in difficult, and at times dangerous, circumstances.

It’s my prayer, from being here, that we would work towards seeing a new generation of young men and women go to the peoples of world, around the world, and in New Zealand pointing people to Jesus.


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