Our God who sees

By CCCNZ Prayer Enabler Jackie Millar

Everywhere I turn lately, it seems as if the Lord is showing me aspects of his praying Church and it has encouraged me immensely. It seems he is stirring many others as well, not just in CCCNZ circles, but in the church across New Zealand, Australia and beyond. There is a renewed call to pray, a stirring within the hearts of the Church to turn to him and seek him with repentant and humble hearts.  

In New Zealand, I am hearing about more and more churches gathering to pray corporately for our nation. In Australia, the Church has joined together for the month of October in prayer and fasting and nightly Zoom prayer meetings to pray for their nation, for rain and their churches. In Asia, despite the many hardships against the Church, people are hungry for him and his Word and are praying for the lost among their people groups. In Africa, amidst the corruption and deep hurts, there is a call to gather and pray, irrespective of colour, race or culture. How exciting!  

And what's more exciting is that the One upon whose name we call, is the One who sees. He saw creation formed. He saw Hagar in Genesis 16:13. He sees you. He sees your community, and he sees the Church. Nothing is hidden from him.  

The end of 2019 is fast approaching. Having attended the Waikato Prayer Gathering recently, I am excited about the Auckland Prayer Gathering on November 10, where we will call upon the One who sees; for Auckland's communities and churches. Next year, we hope to host more Prayer Gatherings around the country as well as delve into the topic of prayer at our Ministry Summit in May. Watch this space! 


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