Australian Bushfires: Good news in the midst of hard times

Over the next few weeks we’ll be connecting with Australians from the CCCAust churches to hear from them how we can be praying and supporting them as they continue to face bushfire conditions and recovery. 

Sophia McCrindle lives in Sydney, Australia. She attends West Pennant Hills Community Church and also helps organise the CCCAust(NSW) THRIVE women's conferences.

“We really appreciate your prayers for our country. People in bushfire affected areas have been leaving with the anxiety of possibly needing to evacuate or defend their properties for months now. 33 people lost their lives - mostly husbands and fathers. There are thousands left homeless and many businesses destroyed. We're thankful that rain has arrived, but that brings problems of its own with ash washing into waterways and even flash flooding in some areas. Also, the bushfires could reignite as this record-breaking hot summer continues. In the middle of the sadness, I have been encouraged to hear snippets of genuinely good news. In many places local churches and Christian organisations (like Anglicare and The Salvation Army) are at the forefront of supporting people in their loss and trauma. Through my work at MAF Australia, I‘ve heard of places where the churches are working together to serve their communities with a degree of unity that hasn’t been seen for years—it is such an encouragement to see our loving God at work through His people."

If you'd like to give financially towards recovery and relief, GC3 are coordinating an appeal: http://bit.ly/2RCHfng


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