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What is vision, why is it important, how do we start thinking about and forming vision?

Vision is your purpose—it’s why you do what you do. Vision helps you to know what you are trying to achieve. It enables you to set goals and measure success. Vision will bring purpose and unity to volunteers.

What do you want to accomplish in the lives of the children and families in your church and community? That is your vision.

Know your church’s vision and ensure your vision aligns with it. 


Your values are the things that you believe are important in the way you do things in your ministry They underpin your children’s ministry. They determine how you work and what is important. Your values will help determine how your vision is delivered. 


Tammy Tolman book, Piece by Piece talks about the pieces to the puzzle of doing Children’s Ministry.

Let's talk about vision and strategy as a puzzle.

The picture on the puzzle box:

This is the guide—it shows us what the puzzle will look like. It is the vision. The big picture will be determined by questions like:

  • Why are we doing this ministry?
  • What are we aiming to achieve?
  • How are we going to do it?

What does this look like in your context? 

For more, download the full PDF at the bottom of the page.

Children and Families Ministry Pieces

The corner pieces are our Triune God. 

The edges are the essential pieces that frame our ministry. 

The middle bits are how you do it in your context.

What does your picture look like?

For more, download the full PDF below.



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