Equip: Children & Families Ministry Online Training

'Holy Work with Children: Making Meaning Together,' by Tanya Marie Eustace Campen and 'Engage All Generations: A strategic toolkit for creating intergenerational faith communities', edited by Cory Seibel

Children & Families Ministry Online Training


Choose from two streams and engage in a fortnightly meeting with leaders from the CCCNZ/Open Brethren heritage movement to discuss a chapter of the assigned book. Each stream will run concurrently. 

Stream 1 - Wednesdays at 1pm (starting 19th July)

Stream 2 - Thursdays at 7.30pm (starting 20th July)

Each session will include:

  • prayer

  • an opportunity to feedback on actions committed to in the previous session

  • discussion of the week’s chapter

  • reflection on what God might be saying to us on this topic

  • an action we commit to trying before the next meeting

Lastly, Julie McKinnon (Children and Families Ministry Enabler) will meet one on one with you to support and encourage the changes you make as you implement what you have learnt from this training series. 


19 July - 28 September 2023


Fortnightly sessions 

Wednesdays at 1pm
Thursdays at 7.30pm


No charge


I don't usually make time to read and it was motivating to take time to read and think at a higher level about Children's ministry. The discussion was great and spending time with others talking through impacts and reflections. The Reflection/Action points were useful to be held accountable to the actual ways my thinking and practice needed to change.

-2021 E-QUIP Participant


CCCNZ will provide the book, a reflective journal to assist you in your learning, and a reading plan for the course.

Participants will read a chapter or two per the provided reading plan each fortnight.

The group will meet on Zoom fortnightly to discuss the chapter(s) of the book.  We reflect individually and corporately about what God might be saying to us in our own context and in the movement as a whole.


  1. Provide foundational training for leaders.
  2. Create unity with leaders learning together.
  3. Networking opportunities with leaders from around NZ meeting together regularly.

E-QUIP was helpful for hearing what other churches were doing; feeling encouraged / inspired by their intentionality.

-2021 E-QUIP Participant


There are three different streams running, which all follow the session plan.

1. Welcome

2. Prayer – seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit to grow us and teach us.

3. Feedback – providing feedback and accountability for the actions committed to at the previous session.

4. Discussion – everyone comes ready to discuss the chapters assigned per the reading plan.

5. Reflection – A time to reflect together on what God might be saying to us individually and as a group/movement through this topic.

6. Action – a time to share and commit to an action we will take – to be followed up at the next session.


Stream 1 will read 'Holy Work with Children: Making Meaning Together' by Tanya Marie Eustace Campen.

6x fortnightly sessions, from Wednesday, 19 July. 
Facilitated by Julie McKinnon (Children and Family Ministries Enabler)

Session 1 – Starting from the very beginning

Session 2 – Children as Theologians

Session 3 – Holy Conversation

Session 4 – Holy Conversations with God

Session 5 – Tools for this Holy Work

Session 6 – Faithful Praxis

It takes a church to raise a parent. Book written by Rachel Turner


Stream 2 will read 'Engage All Generations: A strategic toolkit for creating intergenerational faith communities', edited by Cory Seibel.

6x fortnightly sessions, from Thursday, 20 July.
Facilitated by Julie McKinnon (Children and Family Ministries Enabler)

Session 1 – Introduction and intergenerational Dynamics in Deuteronomy

Session 2 – Intergenerational Church and Sociocultural Faith Development and Growing Together

Session 3 – Selected chapters chosen by participants!

Session 4 – Embracing the Leadership Challenge

Session 5 – Learning to Walk Together

Session 6 – Cross-generational Communication and Pathways to an Intergenerational Future    

Engage all Generations by Cory Seibel


Julie McKinnon is the Children and Family Ministries Enabler for CCCNZ. She is passionate about kids and growing their faith in Jesus. Recognising the key role parents play in this Julie is committed to encourage those relationships and to partner with and support local churches to see their Children and Family Ministries grow and flourish. Julie is married to Jason, they have four daughters and are based in Hamilton where they attend Hillcrest Chapel.

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