As you may be aware, CCCNZ has been asked by GC3 to take the NZ workers under our wing (you will be aware that they were originally in the GC3 Daily Prayer Guide).  

You may have received one in the mail, or from your church, last year, but this was a one-off situation where they were automatically sent to the GC3 DPG mailing list.  However, this will not happen this year.  When the next guide is produced, it will only be sent to those who have registered to receive it from CCCNZ.  

Registering is easy. Just fill in the form to the right and press SUBMIT.

We are pleased to supply this free of charge, but it does cost us to produce it and send it out to you.  

If you would like to provide a financial gift to assist in the production of this Prayer Guide, please deposit funds to:

CCCNZ 02-0719-0220311-000

Alternatively, if you would like to post a cheque, please send to CCCNZ, PO Box 744, Palmerston North 4440.

As CCCNZ is a verified charity (CC54332), within certain income limits, funds donated for purposes in New Zealand qualify for tax credit receipts and are therefore eligible for a third of your donation refunded by Inland Revenue. 

When you make a donation to CCCNZ, we will endeavor to get a receipt to you as soon as possible (please make sure you let us know your postal address, so we can get the receipt to you).

Prayer Guide Mailing List

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Inclusion in the Home Workers Prayer Guide

If you or someone you know would like to be considered for inclusion in the Home Workers Prayer Guide, this needs to be done by way of filling out and submitting the attached form.

Should you have any queries while doing this please contact our office for help. 


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