How is your church engaging in prayer?

We'd love to share some stories of how you and your church engage in prayer. 

Some ideas from churches in our movement: 

Prayer walking in pairs or small groups in your community, praying as you walk, following the leading of Holy Spirit in what to pray.

A prayer team that gathers weekly to pray for their pastor and eldership.

Quarterly half nights of prayer and worship, with each hour having a different prayer focus.

Prayer teams attending youth group night and praying for the youth, while youth night is happening.

Pray through your church directory, these usually have names and faces of people in each church.

Prayer and Fasting week: 7 days of prayer and fasting, each night gather at church/as a home group to pray (ideas of things to pray range from waiting on the Lord as to what to pray each night to specific prayer points each night; people in church, community, region, nation, international.)

Prayer and worship nights: Monthly or termly. 

111 set your phone alarm and pray for 1 person, at 1pm, for 1 minute. 

Use social media to create private groups within your church community, to send through prayer needs and praise reports. 

Celebrate answered prayer in church: Let people know God answers our prayers.

Teaching on prayer: Whether in church or as a weekly study. 

Close home groups once a month and instead have a combined home group/whole church prayer meeting.

Regular groups praying for specific needs. One church has three people who have been gathering for 6-7 months, calling out to the Lord for revival in our nation.

Send us your story:

'You who answer prayer, to you all people will come.' Psalm 65:2

Jackie Millar

Jackie Millar is the Prayer Coordinator for CCCNZ. She has a passion for prayer and has been involved in various prayer ministries, in various church settings, for many years. In this role, Jackie oversees the prayer ministry of CCCNZ with two main objectives; developing and implementing a prayer strategy for the CCCNZ movement and secondly, to encourage and provide support to prayer intercessors in their local church context. Jackie and her husband Ken fellowship at Raleigh Street Christian Centre with their two daughters and foster children.
021 044 0245


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