MiCamp Ruapehu


Physical Address 45 Mill Street Kakahi Postal Address 100 Rawhira Road Waitetoko, RD 2, Turangi 3382
Phone: 07 386 7967 Fax: 07 386 0169
Email: bookings@micamp.co.nz
Website: www.micamp.co.nz

MiCamp Ruapehu is situated in a lovely rural setting at 44 Mill Street, Kakahi. It has the Kakahi Stream flowing along the border of the camp where they have a beautiful picnic and BBQ area.

The camp has cabins, a warm lounge, dining room and kitchen. It can sleep up to 45 people which is perfect for a family reunion or a small school or ski group. It also boasts two spa pools which you can relax in after a long day of hiking or skiing. The glow-worm walk is not far from the camp site which is an amazing free attraction.
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