Room with a View Ministries



Contact Name: Bev & Lew Marsh

Postal Address: 15 Pirinoa Street, Fielding, Manawatu 4702

Mobile Number: 027 223 6691

E-mail Address:

About Us

We aim to create a space, ‘room’ which offers hospitality, a place to be heard and where we intentionally invite God’s presence and grace to meet us. In this spacious place we trust
people might gain new ‘views’, perspectives on how they see themselves, God and

We offer:

1. A holistic Package of Care over 1-5 days, in the context of Personal Debriefing, Retreat or Pastoral Care. People may stay with us, or come to us daily. We are also open, to offering this package of care on an itinerant basis.

2. Regular, ongoing Spiritual Direction, Counselling and Supervision.

Contact us directly for more information or to make a booking.

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