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The home is the centre of children and young people’s discipleship. Faith formation takes place primarily in the home because it is parents who are the experts on their children, and they have the time and influence to disciple their children into a lifelong faith in Jesus. They are the ones who are at home with them, who drive them around, who tuck their kids into bed at night, and are there in the morning when they get up.

Investing in families is the best way churches can influence the heart of a child. Why?
Because what happens at home is more influential in faith formation than what happens in church. The church has proportionately much less time with children than parents do.

How do we restore confidence in parents to disciple their children? How can we encourage, equip and resource parents as the primary nurturers of their children’s faith?

We can provide tools and training and encouragement. 


Faith 5 is an easy tool for families to use to incorporate Jesus into everyday conversations. Families choose a time when they are together, perhaps a meal-time or bedtime and follow 5 steps: share, read, talk, pray, bless. 

Parenting for Faith has some great resources for families and churches. There are articles and podcasts, a free parenting for faith course, and five easy tools to equip parents to raise God-connected kids. 

The Kitchen Table Project is a project from Care for the Family to raise awareness among parents that they are the biggest influence on their children developing a faith that lasts. They support and equip churches in encouraging parents to help their children grow up loving God. There are lots of practical ideas to inspire and equip parents in nourishing faith at home. 

This Top Tips for Christian Parents booklet from Care for the Family has some easy ideas for families to grow faith and values in their children. 

Faith4families has good New Zealand resources; the faith box and faith talk trigger cards are both helpful for families doing faith at home. 



It Takes a Church to Raise a Parent
-Rachel Turner

Church + Home
-Mark Holmen 

Dreaming of More for the Next Generation
-Michelle Anthony 

Take It Home
-Mark Holmen 

Think Orange
-Reggie Joiner 

Faithfull Generation
-Children Matter 


Omnibus Edition of: Parenting Children for a Life of Faith, Parenting Children for a Life of Purpose, Parenting Children for a Life of Confidence
-Rachel Turner 

Spiritual Parenting
-Michelle Anthony 

Parenting Beyond Your Capacity
-Reggie Joiner 

Faith Begins at Home
-Mark Holmen 

Sticky Faith
-Kara Powell 

Revolutionary Parenting
-George Barna 




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